Quotes from interviews and posts from forum threads of Thief Developers.

Randy SmithEdit

TTLG Mapping the City Thread

Foolish non-believers. You underestimate our powers of anal-retention. We've been
 working with the same map of The City for 3 games now. It was already there in
 1997 when I joined The Dark Project. 

To be fair, I'm not sure how religiously everyone's been sticking to it over the
 years. (Mostly, I think, though.) And there has, of course, been a fair amount of
 deliberate misinformation in the dialog and text from T/T2. You can't trust
 everyone in the city. Sometimes they are either dumb or on their own agenda.
 So, between these 2 things, I can see how your map isn't perfect.

Anyway, your map is pretty good, impressive, really, but it's off. No, I'm not
 going to help, sorry, cuz what's the fun of that? 

I will point out one major feature that you're lacking though, and it amuses me
 that never came up explicitly in T/T2. There's a big friggin' river in the city.
 It runs N-S and splits the city in 2. It joins the ocean to the south.

Keep up the good work. This kind of stuff is always useful to us. It can be hard
 to keep track of everything we have and have not said (yet).

- R

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