Keeper Deven was a member of the Keepers. He was part of the party sent to hide the Talisman of Water and Talisman of Fire. He was behind the idea to separate the two Talismans for hiding.[1]


  • When the Talisman missions were cut into 4 for Thief Gold, it required some changes to the script and Keeper Daven with his decision to separate the two Talismans in The Lost City was cut.


  1. M9BOOK2 - Deven decided to separate the two Talismans, but I argued that it may not be the most wise thing to do. Nevertheless, not more than a few hours ago, Shanti led a group back the way we came to examine an area we passed by. She was more quiet than usual, but accepted the task. With them, they took the Talisman of Water. We could bear it no longer. If the heat of burning rock around us were not enough, the Talisman of Fire was nearly untouchable. We had just come upon a tall and sturdy tower, and it was agreed upon that we should deposit the Talisman there. The staircase to the top floor had collapsed some time ago which made ascension difficult. Aeric had pointed out the ledge circling the tower, suggesting that one of us place the Talisman out there. I laughed at his comment uncaringly. This disturbs me. Tomorrow we shall head back the way we came. I assume Shanti and her company had little trouble in finding a suitable spot for the Talisman of Water, but I cannot keep myself from wondering why the burning elementals stood at bay as we passed. Will they still now that we no longer carry the Talisman of Fire?

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