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The Docks

The Docks are one of the City's districts. They are crammed with small warehouses and a lot of seedy inhabitants. Due to the arrival of the Abysmal Gale the Docks were put under quarantine by the City Watch. Nobody could pass through the gates until it departed. Garrett can pass through only after receiving the Keeper Door Glyph, which he uses to access the passage beside the gate in South Quarter. The Pagans possess a small storehouse in this district which serves as their sanctuary.

This is the poor section of town. The gates leading to South Quarter and the Old Quarter are in the northeast corner. A passage in the east leads to Dahlia the fence, then further on to the Pagan territories. It's advised not to go there unless friendly with them. West of the gates, players can find The Undercurrent store, then further on to the actual docks and a small rowboat. West through some crooked passages are the Bloody Ears Tavern (which is open 24x7), the Landing Marker, and more piers. The Abysmal Gale can been seen docked here until the Compendium of Reproach is recovered. The houses in the Docks resemble latter medieval plaster, wood and stone cottages and houses. All buildings have jettying (leaning out on upper levels) and generally have porthole windows.

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Narrow alleys


The harbor

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The Docks are mentioned as early as Thief One, and were one of the City Warden's districts. The Wayside Docks District appears in Thief 2, but its not know if it has anything to do with the Docks district or not.