We chose our profession in defiance of the greed of the monarchy. We will not live for the sake of taxes to fatten the noble's pockets. We choose to live the only life available to those who would truly be free. We are Thieves.
  — The Downwind Credo

The Downwind Thieves' Guild
TG B15 04

Also known as
The Downwinders
First Introduced

The Downwinders were an organized group of thieves, operating primarily as a group and paying tribute to one of the guild leaders.[1] The Guild operates a gambling hall beneath a restaurant called the Overlord's Fancy, somewhere within Ramirez's territory, and has an extensive complex built into the sewers beneath the Overlord's Fancy, including dormitories and a secret entrance to each of the guild leader's homes.

At the time that the Downwinders are introduced, Donal and Reuben, the de facto leaders of the Guild, have fallen to squabbling over the ownership of a priceless vase that Garrett wants for himself.[2]

By the time of The Metal Age, several members of the Guild have been recruited by the City Watch, the leaders are imprisoned and the remaining members have disbanded or been captured.[3]


Led by two Guildmasters, Donal and Reuben.

Places of InterestEdit

The Overlord's Fancy and its underlying Sewers

Persons of InterestEdit

List of Downwinders and affiliates


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