Inspector H. Drept
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Drept was an orphan raised in the Shalebridge Cradle, where he befriended a young girl named Lauryl. The two would sneak bread from the kitchen, where they once encountered M. Gunter, the cannibal.[1] When moved to the Nursery tower, Drept told Lauryl not to cry too much, as that would make Miss Arthur "mad."[2]

While playing hide-and-seek with Lauryl in the attic of the asylum area, above the White Ward, the Hag appeared, found Lauryl and killed her while Drept watched unseen, paralysed with fear.[3][4] Despite Drept's witness account, and the lack of a body, the murder was blamed on a patient, possibly instigated by E. Poshtoll, a.k.a "King No-One".[5][6]

Drept became obsessed with finding the "Gray Lady". When he became a man, he was 'rescued' by the Hammerites, and from his correspondence it can be deduced that he became something of a specialist on the undead within the order.[Fact Check] Drept's working desk in St. Edgar's Church has a small monument plaque hanging on the wall above it, as a memorial for Lauryl. It reads, "LAURYL THERE SHALT BE A RECKONING". Her fate, and his inability to prevent it, haunted Drept long into his adult life, but he was far too frightened, both by his traumatic childhood experience and the fearsome reputation the building subsequently gained, to ever dare go back to the Cradle himself.

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