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NOTE: need to sort and organize this list.


game_strings_load   |  load [<table>]| load the specified string table(s) into its property

game_strings_dump   |  dump [<table>]| dump the specified string table(s) from its property

game_strings_strip  |  strip [<table>]| strip text values from the property corresponding to the table.

game_strings_modernize|  modernize [<table>]| converts the property corresponding to the table to the hip gamestrings format.

play_cd             |  play a CD track

stop_cd             |  stop playing a CD track

light_bright        |  render without lightmaps

old_raycast         |  boolean toggle

render_backward     |  shows view back to front

mip_detail          |  MIP level slider (0-1.0)

clear_surface_cache |  force surface rebuilding

fog_on              |  is fog being used?

fog_dist            |  dist at which fog is opaque

fog_r               |  fog red (0-255)

fog_g               |  fog green (0-255)

fog_b               |  fog blue (0-255)

show_mip            |  levels of detail in rendering

show_cell           |  show cells in rendering database

show_poly           |  show polygon outlines

show_poly_flags     |  show flag settings of polygons

show_cell_flags     |  show flag settings of cells

show_poly_edges     |  show wireframes in world

show_all_edges      |  show complete wireframes

wr_stats            |  dump all worldrep stats

wr_check_cells      |  do assertion checking on worldrep

cc                  |  show cell and teleport to it

set_3d_zoom         |  float variable

ctimer_init         |  clear c-function profiling

ctimer_dump         |  show results of c-function profiling

dump_bsp            |  dump the worldrep bsp tree

show_one_cell       |  wireframe on given cell

cell_teleport       |  move editor cam to given cell

show_phys_models    |  boolean toggle

show_phys_bbox      |  boolean toggle

show_creature_joints|  boolean toggle

mesh_segs_display   |  boolean toggle

mesh_joints_display |  boolean toggle

mesh_segs_reset     |  function

mesh_seg_incr       |  function

mesh_seg_set        |  integer variable

lit_obj_toggle      |  boolean toggle

rend_objname_color  |  3d obj name color

rend_name_toggle    |  set color, toggle name color

rend_name_types     |  set mask on things to draw

rend_net_name_toggle|  toggle name net color

rend_net_color_set  |  <local>, <hosted>, <proxy>

rend_name_list      |  list all rendered objs to mono

test_defer          |  test func for uiDefer

start_pnp           |  Change the plug-n-play gadget

start_swap          |  Change the swap gadget

coord_mask          |  Hide/show some GFH coords

gfh_coord_edit      |  Text edit coord N

grid_3d             |  toggle grid display in 3d

grid_2d             |  toggle grid display in 2d

grid_3d_axis        |  3d grid normal axis #

grid_move           |  translate 3d grid

cycle_view          |  change current camera

toggle_3d           |  change current 2d/3d mode

zoom_all            |  zoom all 2d cameras

zoom_2d             |  zoom current camera

synch_all           |  set all 2d synch modes

cam_swap            |  swap two cameras

cycle_mode          |  change rendering mode

set_mode            |  set rendering mode

toggle_synch        |  toggle 2d synch mode

toggle_persp        |  toggle 3d perspective

xmouse              |  auto-select camera under mouse

cam_warp            |  warp camera to mouse loc

toggle_mode         |  toggle a display aspect

solo_toggle         |  toggle this view being soloed

redraw_always       |  does the editor continually redraw

vm_refresh          |  redraw all views

quick_resynch       |  synch; redraw; then desynch

vm_win_mode         |  wincfg set mode

vm_layout           |  cycle/set vm win layout

vm_name_corner      |  set corner for names (-1 no draw)

vm_teleport         |  move camera to x,y,z

rooms_build         |  Convert rooms to internal rep

fix_rooms           |  Fix dangling room pointers

hilight_room_id     |  Hilight the specified room brush

edit_mode           |  Switch to editor mode| edit_mode <wid>,<hgt>

mono_debug          |  Enter monochrome debug screen

texture_pal         |  Bring up the texture palette

motedit             |  Bring up the motion editor

redraw_all          |  Redraw the editor screen

set                 |  set a config var| set <var> <value>

get                 |  Look up a config value| get <var>

eval                |  Exec a command with config substitution| eval <var> <cmd>

ifdef               |  exec a command if a config variable is defined| ifdef <var> <cmd>

ifndef              |  exec a command if a config variable is undefined| ifndef <var> <cmd>

unset               |  Unset a config variable| unset <var>

edit_links          |  edit_links [<src> [, <dest> [, <flavor>]]]

link_show_all       |  show links marked as hidden in the link editor

hilight_obj_type    |  hilight all instances of an archetype, including descendants

hilight_archetype   |  hilight all non-descendant instances of an archetype

link_group          |  a group of two objs get linked, select is dest, arg is relation

link_objs           |  link_objs src dst flavor

link_draw_on        |  show a kind of link in wireframe

link_draw_from      |  Draw only links who's source is this

link_draw_split     |  If link source has multple destinations, and this ID is among them, use that branch only.

link_draw_off       |  don't show a kind of link in wireframe

link_multi          |  adds a new link between two objs in a multibrush

link_chain          |  adds a chain of links between objs in a multibrush

lock                |  lock <brush type>| asks for confirmation whenever brush is changed

unlock              |  unlock <brush type>

unlock_all          |  unlocks all brushes

resize_obj_id_space |  Change obj_min and obj_max on the fly.

list_obj            |  w/no arg, shows counts, w/args, lists all objs in id order

obj_histogram_popup |  Brings up obj list sorted by usage.

obj_alpha_popup     |  Brings up obj list sorted alphabetically.

edit_file_vars      |  0 = mission vars, 1 = gamesys vars, 2 = cmpaign vars

game_mode_edit      |  Edit screen mode params for game mode.

help                |  shows command info

run                 |  run commands in file

dump_cmds           |  dump command list to file

game_mode           |  switch to game mode

game_quiet          |  switch to game mode, no sounds

quit_game           |  Quit the game

end_mode            |  End the current major mode

set                 |  set a config var| set <var> <value>

get                 |  Look up a config value| get <var>

eval                |  Exec a command with config substitution| eval <var> <cmd>

ifdef               |  exec a command if a config variable is defined| ifdef <var> <cmd>

ifndef              |  exec a command if a config variable is undefined| ifndef <var> <cmd>

unset               |  Unset a config variable| unset <var>

screen_dump         |  make a screen shot

save_cow            |  Save world to file

save_mission        |  Save mission to file

save_gamesys        |  Save gamesys info only

load_file           |  Load .MIS, .COW, or .GAM files

load_gamesys        |  Load .GAM file - Resets the level

set_gamesys         |  Set gamesys file for current mission

clear_world         |  Reset to the empty world

dispatch_noise      |  Toggle dispatch noise for hex message mask

file_menu           |  Bring up the file menu

new_world           |  Clear the world and load the gamesys

time_passes         |  Set whether sim time is passing

show_sim_time       |  Display the sim time on the status bar.

scale_sim_time      |  Scale the speed at which the sim runs

scale_player_speed  |  Scale the player's speed

halt_player         |  stop all player motion/controls

player_cam_control  |  0 reset pos, 1 next mode, 2 detach, 3 attach, 4 save, 5 load

cam_attach          |  attach camera to object

add_hp              |  give player # hp

player_cam_save     |  save player camera to ARG, or

player_cam_load     |  load ARG or cam000.loc as player camera

unfly               |  int function

find_obj            |  Look up an object by name or number

destroy_obj         |  Destroy an object by name or number

trait_cache_params  |  Edit trait cache parameters

trait_cache_clear   |  Empty the trait cache

link_lock_count     |  Report the number active link queries

obj_tree            |  Object Hierarchy editor

edit_obj            |  edit an object

copy_props_to       |  Copy all props from selection to arg

list_props          |  List properties on mono

link_dump_stats     |  Dump tons of stats on links

find_lost_objs      |  Find lost objects and set their archetypes to 'missing' 

purge_missing_objs  |  Delete all objects that inherit from 'Missing'

briefcase_save      |  Try to save the briefcase

briefcase_load      |  Try to load the briefcase

link_many           |  Link many concrete objects

unlink_many         |  Unlink many concrete objects

make_archetype      |  Clone a concrete into an archetype

print_gamesys_textures|  Print to monolog all textures in the gamesys, and whether they are in path or not

X99_kill_old_gamesys_textures|  Delete all textures in gamesys associated with files which aren't in the resource path.  DANGEROUS.

move_game_camera    |  teleport game camera

persistent_player_pos|  Toggle whether the player comes back to game mode

build_motion_database|  read in motion schemas as build database

save_motion_database|  save out current built motion database

script_load         |  Load a script file, add to mission

script_drop         |  drop a script file from mission.

script_drop_all     |  drop all script files from mission.

script_dump_files   |  List mission script files on mono

select_gun          |  select_gun <archetype>  Shoot a bullet out of the player

fix_my_locks        |  Set all my lock joint positions appropriately.

show_image          |  show_image <resname>| Show an image

movie               |  show a movie

contrast            |  Set the contrast

gamma               |  Set the gamma

gamma_delta         |  Add float to gamma

gamma_up            |  increase gamma

gamma_down          |  decrease gamma

flash               |  Make a blinding flash

contrast_time_scale |  contrast time scale

script_test         |  Send a 'test' message to an object

trace_add           |  <object> <message> <action> <line>

trace_remove        |  <object> <message>

trace_line          |  toggle a script trace line

trace_dump          |  show all traces

trace_dump_active   |  show all traces on active lines

trace_line_dump     |  show status of all trace lines

flip_highpoly       |  bool function

anim_light_reset    |  function

heap_alloc_cap      |  dump alloc cap

heap_dump_stats     |  dump heap stats

heap_dump_modules   |  dump heap usage by module

heap_dump_blocks    |  dump all allocated heap blocks

heap_dump_all       |  dump all allocated heap blocks

heap_test           |  validate the heap

obj_time_stats      |  Clear object creation time stats, and dump them to mono.

ambient_spew        |  boolean toggle

ambient_heartbeat   |  boolean toggle

ambient_show        |  boolean toggle

ambient_dump        |  function

track_obj           |  toggle tracking on a given obj

track_add_obj       |  int function

track_rem_obj       |  int function

time_print          |  set freq of time mprints

trait_cache_stats   |  Dump trait cache stats to mono

trait_id_stats      |  Get trait statistics

trait_name_stats    |  Get trait statistics by name

trait_max_id        |  Get max trait ID

trait_cache_fullness|  Get cache entry count

prop_time_stats     |  Get property storage timing statistics.

prop_time_stats_clear|  Clear property timing statistics.

prop_blame          |  Blame properties for memory

sparse_hash_stats   |  List sparse hash stats

start_ms_profile    |  function

hello_debugger      |  Hard-coded breakpoint

mclear              |  clear mono

mprint              |  print mono string

mlog                |  monolog state| close closes, name opens

show_stats          |  frame rate/scene info

stats_full          |  stat verbosity

time_stats          |  more stat fun, mprint timings

tmgr_stats          |  mprint texture manager stats

playtest_stats      |  set frequency for per frame stats

playtest_which      |  which| 1 heap, 2 resource, 4 looptime

looptime_cmd        |  0 dump, 1 clear, 2 both, 3 on, 4 off, 5 toggle

resstats_cmd        |  0 dump, 2 tracking, 3 cleartrack, 4 dump, 5 flush/dump

txm_toggle          |  

do_report           |  function

do_cur_reprt        |  string function

toggle_overlay      |  takes which to toggle

dark_version        |  Display version in game mode.

win_mission         |  Win the mission

fixup_player        |  Make a player starting point based on OldPlayer

metagame            |  Go to metagame UI.

endgame             |  Go to endgame mode.

mission_loop        |  Return to (or start) the mission loop

cret_set_debug_obj  |  set debug obj

cret_weap_abort     |  stop swing

player_weap_abort   |  stop swing

cret_set_focus_obj  |  set creature's focus obj

cret_set_focus_loc  |  set creature's focus loc

cret_saveload_test  |  test creature saveload

toggle_mot_quat_debug|  toggle motion quaternion debugging

fixup_creature_phys |  fix up physics for all creatures

spew_creature_standable|  spew all object AIs can stand on

player_align_arrow  |  calc arrow alignment so straight

use_item            |  use item  0 = start, 1 = finish

use_weapon          |  weapon item  0 = start, 1 = finish

next_item           |  next item  1 = forward, -1 = backward

prev_item           |  previous item  -1 = forward, 1 = backward

next_weapon         |  next weapon  1 = forward, -1 = backward

prev_weapon         |  previous weapon  -1 = forward, 1 = backward

inv_select          |  Select an inventory object by name (or archetype name)

loot_select         |  Select loot in inventory

drop_item           |  Drop (actually, throw) your currently selected item

clear_item          |  Clear the player's 'current item' selection.

clear_weapon        |  Clear the player's 'current item' selection.

clear_weapon_and_item|  Clear both the player's 'current item' and 'current weapon.'

select_newest_item  |  Select the most recently picked up object

player_detach_arm   |  toggle whether arm attached to player camera

player_spew_arm_offset|  spew arm offset from camera to monochrome

main_volume         |  main volume 0...100

ambient_volume      |  ambient relative volume 0...100

main_volume_up      |  inc main volume

main_volume_down    |  dec main volume

ambient_volume_up   |  inc ambient relative volume

ambient_volume_down |  dec ambient relative volume

debrief             |  Go to debrief UI.

objectives          |  Go to objectives UI.

automap             |  Display the automap

amap_visited        |  mark an automap location on current page visited

amap_im_everywhere  |  make all decals display as current location

amap_spew           |  boolean toggle

loadout             |  Go to loadout UI.

process_difficulty  |  Prep level for difficulty.  Warning| This may destroy some objects

game_message        |  Display a message on the game screen

test_book           |  book <text>,<art>

main_menu           |  Go to main menu.

sim_menu            |  Go to sim menu.

quick_save          |  Save the game to the 'quick save' slot.

quick_load          |  Load the game from the 'quick save' slot

edit_load_game      |  Load a save game in editor

edit_save_game      |  Save a save game in editor

load_game           |  Go to the game load UI

save_game           |  Go to the game save UI

deref_containees    |  Remove Refs from all contained objs

test_access         |  string function

ai_build_path_database|  Update the AI path database

ai_use_zones        |  Toggle use of AI zones

ai_toggle_db_lvl    |  Toggle LVL path db building

ai_toggle_db_highstrike|  Toggle HighStrike path db building

ai_toggle_use_lvl   |  Toggle LVL path db usage

ai_toggle_linkopt   |  Toggle link optimization

ai_report_large_door_size|  Report large door size

ai_repath           |  Force repath

ai_mode             |  Set AI mode

ai_draw             |  Draw AI debug info

ai_draw_in_game     |  Draw AI debug info in 3D view

ai_draw_move_goal   |  

ai_draw_suggestions |  

ai_draw_paths       |  

ai_aware_of_player  |  Toggle AI awareness of player

aiawareofplayer     |  Toggle AI awareness of player

aiforgetplayer      |  Toggle AI forget of player

ai_forget_player    |  Toggle AI forget of player

aidebugmode         |  Tom's standard AI debug mode

ai_sleep_all        |  Put all AIs to sleep

ai_wake_all         |  Wake all sleeping AIs

ai_wake             |  Wake a sleeping AI

ai_check_lighting   |  Check AI Raw Lighting on an Obj

blame_lighting      |  Mprint causes of lighting on an Obj

ai_alert_watch      |  Watch an AIs sense/awareness

ai_flow_watch       |  Watch the decision flow of an AI

ai_sound_watch      |  Watch the sound/broadcast of an AI

ai_hear_watch       |  See what an AI is hearing

ai_combat_watch     |  Watch AI Combat

ai_path_watch       |  Watch AI pathfind and path progression

ai_death_watch      |  Watch AI death event and cause

ai_signal_watch     |  Watch AI signals

ai_ranged_watch     |  Watch AI ranged combat

ai_inform_watch     |  Watch AI inform stream

ai_sight_watch      |  Watch AI inform stream

ai_pulse_watch      |  Watch AI sensory pulses

ai_recover_watch    |  Watch AI path recovery

ai_ranged_mode_watch|  Watch AI ranged modes

ai_watch            |  Toggle all watches on an AI

ai_trace_schedule   |  Trace AI scheduled run

ai_schedule         |  Set AI frame schedule

ai_dump_components  |  Dump the list of components an AI is made of

ai_dump_all         |  Dump all info in an AI

ai_break            |  Break in the debugger on run of a specific AI

ai_player_sound     |  Simulate player sound broadcast of specified type

ai_signal           |  Simulate signal broadcast of specified type




ai_test_recover     |  

ai_draw_cells       |  show AI path cells in wireframe

ai_draw_cellids     |  show AI path cell ids

ai_draw_links       |  show AI path cell links in wireframe

ai_draw_zone        |  show AI path zone

ai_draw_zone_type   |  show AI path zone type (0 N, 1 N+L, 2 H, 3 H+L)

ai_draw_room        |  show AI path cells in room

ai_spew_zone        |  spew AI path zone

ai_spew_zones       |  spew all AI path zones

ai_val_fpts         |  validate flee points

ai_draw_one_cell    |  path cell to highlight (0 for none)


ai_dump_cell_connection|  mono print links from cell

ai_dump_cell_vertex_data|  show cell vertex list on mono

ai_conv_start       |  start a conversation (by objID)

ai_cam_to_cell      |  Send camera to AI cell

ai_print_cam_cell   |  

ai_test_cells       |  

ai_test_motion      |  play motion by name

ai_test             |  

rebuild_songs       |  Reparse all songs into compiled format

load_song           |  Load a song

play_song           |  Play the loaded song

stop_song           |  Stop the currently playing song

song_event          |  Send an event to the currently playing song

song_dumpmono       |  Dump info about current song to mono

compress_family     |  remove unused textures from family or <all>

texture_usage_count |  get usage count for this texture

texture_wr_usage_count|  get wr usage for tmap_id, or histo if 0

texture_wr_find_zero|  find texture zero in the world

palmgr_count        |  bool function

load_family         |  old style single family load

add_family          |  add another texture family

remove_family       |  remove family, use <all> to clear all

load_sky            |  load a sky bitmap set

load_water          |  load a water texture

add_water           |  add a water texture

free_water          |  free a water texture

load_a_texture      |  load a single texture, load <fam> <txtname>

remove_a_texture    |  delete single, <fam> <name>

texture_zap         |  zap invalid textures to newval

texture_zap_all     |  zap all textures to newval

texture_change      |  swap oval,nval - modifies all faces

no_fam_compress     |  disallow texture space compression

family_dump         |  dump all current family info

secret_rem_family_name|  hi dorian

sload_next_slot     |  set next load slot

sload_no_remap      |  no disk block on load

rooms_spew          |  Spew entire room database

spew_room_obj       |  List room for specified object

show_player_room    |  Draw the player's room obj

show_bad_rooms      |  Draw areas outside the room db

spew_bad_room_objs  |  List all rooms with bad room objIDs

door_slam_open      |  

door_slam_closed    |  

remap_room_type     |  Remap EAX room type

set_room_type       |  Set EAX room type of selected room brush

next_room           |  Select and go to next room brush

eax_set_archetype   |  Set all rooms of an archetype to an EAX value

make_sound_z        |  Generate a sound at 0,0,0

make_sound          |  Generate a sound at the player

spew_room_ai        |  List each AI's current room

show_sounds         |  Toggles visible sound display

draw_sound_path     |  Draw the sound prop path

clear_sound_path    |  Clears any drawn sound paths

spew_sounds         |  Spews all propagating sounds

build_ai_room_database|  Build AI Room Path Database

ai_room_db_spew     |  Spew AI Room Path Database

physics             |  Activate/Deactivate physics

start_control       |  Start obj 3 under ctrl

stop_control        |  Stop control of obj 3

launch_sphere       |  Launch a sphere object

create_sphere       |  Create a sphere model

launch_obb          |  Launch a obb object

create_obb          |  Create a obb model

reset_moving_terrain|  Reset all moving terrain

lock_attachments    |  Lock all attachments in place

auto_jiggle         |  Touch ObjPos of all phys objs

phys_dup            |  Check for duplicate physics

phys_spew_info      |  Spew Info on an object

phys_spew_player    |  Spew Info on the player

hit_rope            |  Hit a rope

phys_joyride        |  

phys_raycast        |  

explode_me          |  BOOM

loc_control_obbs    |  Location control all OBBs

spew_out_of_world   |  Spew all objs out of world

spew_awake_objects  |  Spew all awake objects

spew_ai_collides    |  Spew all objects AI collide with

init_obb_dims       |  Init the dims of obb(s)

init_spherehat_dims |  Init the dims of sphere hat(s)

clear_phys_timers   |  Clear profiling timers

check_doors         |  Make sure door state is in sync

check_mterr         |  Make sure mterr state is in sync

phys_stats          |  Spew memory usage stats

phys_reset_listeners|  Reset listener subscriptions

play_schema         |  Play a named schema

play_schemas        |  Play two schemas

destroy_schemas     |  Destroy all schemas

destroy_speech      |  Destroy all speech

destroy_sound       |  Destroy all schemas and speech

halt_schema         |  Halt the first instance of a playing schema

halt_schemas        |  Halt all playing schemas

zggtvrk_load_schema |  Load a schema file

zggtvrk_load_schemas|  Load all schemas in path (destroy first)

reload_schemas      |  Load all schemas in path (don't destroy)

dump_schemas        |  Dump schema tags DB)

ar_receptron_add    |  Add an act/react receptron

ar_receptron_query  |  Query a set of act/react receptron

ar_source_add       |  Add an act/react source

ar_list_receptrons  |  Edit an object's receptrons

ar_list_sources     |  Edit an object's sources

ar_stimulate        |  Test-stimulate an object

net_host            |  Host a networked game

net_client          |  Join a networked game

net_leave           |  Leave a networked game

net_state           |  Display networking state

net_raw_spew_on     |  Turn low-level network spew on

net_raw_spew_off    |  Turn low-level network spew off

net_raw_spew        |  toggle net spew

net_address         |  Show my net address

net_player_name     |  Show a player's name

dump_net_stats      |  dump of messaging statistics by handlerID

clear_net_stats     |  clear stats

net_hist_cmd        |  0toggle1draw2clear3toggleold

net_xl_status       |  net excel status

net_xl_full         |  net excel full status

net_xl_packet       |  net excel packets

dump_net_histogram  |  dump of histogram (1=send, 2=receive)

reset_net_histogram |  resets histogram (1=send, 2=receive)

reset_net_msg_histogram|  reset msg/frame histograms

dump_net_msg_histogram|  dump msg/frame histogram (1=G, 2=NG, 3=both, 0=all)

toggle_mm_indexed   |  toggle using indexed r3d interface

toggle_mm_sort      |  punt mm sort

toggle_mm_xform     |  punt mm transforms

toggle_mm_render    |  punt mm render

toggle_render_mesh  |  toggle render mesh

toggle_draw_lgd3d   |  toggle draw lgd3d

toggle_lightmap_first|  toggle lightmap rendering order

toggle_d3d_buffer   |  toggle d3d primitive buffering

toggle_d3d_blend_trans|  toggle transparent texel color search

toggle_draw_surface |  toggle draw surface

toggle_hardware_lighting|  toggle hardware lighting

toggle_two_pass     |  toggle two pass rendering

toggle_multitexture |  toggle multitexture support

fast_poly_setup     |  do fast poly setup

slow_poly_setup     |  do slow poly setup

toggle_render_on_start_frame|  toggle normal render loop

flash_clamp         |  Set flashbomb max effect time in ms

set_mesh_detail_dist|  set distance at which stretchy mesh is punted

set_gamma           |  set gamma correction level. 1.0 = no correction

set_obj_zbias       |  set object rendering z bias (in bits)

set_znear           |  set max sorting z distance

set_zfar            |  set min sorting z distance

toggle_dithering    |  toggle dithering

toggle_antialiasing |  toggle antialiasing

set_invisible       |  Set player invisibility

sky_setlong         |  Debug Sky Longitude

sky_setlat          |  Debug Sky Latitude

sky_dump            |  Dump sky mesh info

stars_spin          |  Spin stars

cloud_row           |  Debug Cloud Row

cloud_col           |  Debug Cloud Col

cloud_glow          |  Debug Glow Ix

cloud_cfg           |  Debug Config Ix

cloud_dump          |  Dump cloud deck info

mesh_nothing        |  Maybe later.

face_process        |  find textures to match speech samples.

quest_create        |  quest_set <name>,<value>

quest_create_mis    |  quest_set_mis <name>,<value>

quest_get           |  quest_get <name>

quest_delete        |  quest_delete <name>

quest_spew_sub      |  quest_spew_sub <objID>

quest_sub           |  quest_sub <objID>,<name>

quest_unsub         |  quest_unsub <objID>,<name>

quest_edit          |  quest_edit

quest_edit_mis      |  quest_edit_mis

ghostspew_type      |  integer variable

ghostspew_obj       |  integer variable

ghost_frame_rate    |  integer variable

ghost_process_rate  |  integer variable

ghostspew_show_hist |  string function

ghostspew_clear_hist|  function

delete_brush        |  function

insert_brush        |  function

new_brush           |  function

add_brush_num       |  string function

rem_brush_num       |  string function

tog_brush_num       |  string function

cycle_brush         |  int function

cycle_context       |  cycle to next like brush (vBrush or type)

cycle_highlight     |  cycle to next highlighted brush

cycle_near          |  cycle to brushes near to current brush

store_group         |  save cur vBrush to new ID

dissolve_group      |  remove group ID of vBrush

pick_group_name     |  pick group by name

cycle_group         |  move group by arg (0 is last)

brush_relative      |  boolean toggle

axial_scale         |  boolean toggle

cycle_face          |  int function

cycle_edge          |  int function

cycle_point         |  int function

brush_select        |  int function

obj_brush_select    |  set current brush to objID

vBrush_click        |  alt-click cur brush

vBrush_EOT          |  send to end of time

load_group          |  string function

save_group          |  string function

refresh_particle_links|  Update all ParticleAttachement links

cycle_tex           |  int function

sky_tex             |  function

align_tex           |  function

cycle_media         |  int function

set_debug_tex       |  int function

reset_brush         |  function

brush_stretch       |  stretch current brush

brush_rotate        |  rotate current brush

brush_translate     |  translate current brush

floor_object        |  function

wall_object         |  function

ceil_object         |  function

fit_cameras         |  fit cameras to world/hot region

auto_portalize      |  boolean toggle

auto_roombuild      |  boolean toggle

go_to_meonly        |  function

brush_to_room       |  terrain->room (grow by arg on all axis)

brush_adopt         |  all brushes adopt from us (arg for which parameter)

spiral_serf         |  build spiral stair, 0 for dialog

stair_serf          |  build straight stair, 0 for dialog

ambient             |  give this three values 0-255| r g b

snap_placement      |  boolean toggle

clear_brushes       |  clear all brushes

set_medium          |  set brush medium

blist_dump          |  function

get_grid            |  get grid from brush

set_grid            |  force brush to grid

grid_toggle         |  turn grid on off

grid_scale          |  rescale the master grid

grid_abs_scale      |  set absolute scale of master grid

brush_go_last       |  move current brush to temporal last

brush_set_time      |  move current brush to time n

load_object         |  load 3d object

preload_sound       |  string function

preload_motion      |  string function

preload_stats       |  function

brush_color         |  integer variable

brush_filter        |  integer variable

hots_filter         |  boolean toggle

hots_state          |  int function

time_filter_lo      |  integer variable

time_filter_hi      |  integer variable

size_filter         |  float variable

set_brush_tx        |  int function

set_brush_type      |  int function

reset_brush_tx      |  int function

cam_to_brush        |  move camera to look at cur brush

obj_ambient         |  float variable

obj_diffuse         |  float variable

zap_brush_flags     |  secret clear flags stuff

loud_zap_flags      |  talk about flags you clear

info_window         |  function

lazy_update         |  do we update instantly, or only on new brush selection

run_cmd_script      |  string function

set_primal          |  set default primal

prim_sides          |  # of sides on primals

prim_type           |  1=cyl, 2=pyr, 3=cpyr, 0=cube 

prim_facealign      |  are we face aligned

cube                |  set cube

prim_special        |  set 'special' primal type

brush_to_mono       |  show brush info on mono

obj_split           |  always portal split objects

obj_re_place        |  replace all objects in world

passive_hotregions  |  are hotregions in the CSG, or just filters

show_image          |  load image from disk

skybox              |  make skyhack texures

play_sfx            |  string function

get_pixel_color     |  click on pixel, get told color

heapchk             |  Test the heap, if debugging heap enabled

monodebug           |  output mono to Windows debug stream

watch_light         |  integer variable

optimize            |  build optimized portalization

portalize           |  recompute world terrain

relight_level       |  relight the level

save_wr             |  save world rep to file

compress_br_ids     |  compact brush ids

merge_node          |  build faster imperfect level

optimize_bsp        |  boolean toggle

set_lighting_mode   |  Set lighting mode (0, 1, 2)

quad_lighting       |  oversampled raycast lighting

auto_hilight        |  automatically hilight any bad brushes after portalization

split_polys         |  force coplanar poly splits

merge_polys         |  merge coplanar polys

coplanar            |  correctly handle coplanar polys

csg_epsilon         |  set voodoo epsilon value

show_debug          |  set split# to debug, -1 for all #s

tex_scale_override  |  set texture scale override factor

profile             |  write out sProf profile

autosaves           |  do we autosave exit and p_portal

tjoint              |  fix tjoints when portalizing

undo                |  int function

redo                |  int function

hilight_by_prop     |  give property name, highlights obj's with it

hilight_by_prop_direct|  give property name, highlights obj's with it specifically on them (not inherited)

hilight_nonaxial    |  highlights any terrain with non-90 angles

hilight_media       |  highlight terrain w/media_op of type <arg>

hilight_texture     |  highlight terrain w/texture id <arg>

hilight_split_obj   |  highlight objects crossing a portal

multibrush_the_highlight|  make hilight objs the multibrush

hilight_brush       |  hilight current (0) or brush_id

hilight_check_snap  |  hilight unangled unsnapped brushes, or if (1) all unsnapped brushes

hilight_do_snap     |  grid snap all hilight brushes...

hilight_list        |  list objs, or, if arg 1, all brush ids

hilight_global      |  if true, we will hilight everything, else just active

hilight_autoclear   |  do we autoclear old hilight and make it only active

hilight_use         |  set which hilight bit to use (bitfield, must be just 1)

hilight_clear       |  clear current highlights (all if 0, else bitfields)

hilight_activate    |  turn on hilight bits

hilight_deactivate  |  turn off hilight bits

hilight_add_prop    |  Add a named property to all hilit objects

hilight_rem_prop    |  Add a named property to all hilit objects

hilight_render      |  boolean toggle

hilight_reinstantiate|  Hilight all objects with property, then remove and readd property

line_autoremote     |  toggle autochannel switch in line display

line_switchchannel  |  set view to single channel id

line_viewchannel    |  set bitmask of currently visible line channels

line_loadchannel    |  set channel id to load to

line_clearchannel   |  clear all lines in channel id

line_loadfile       |  load a file to current line channel

cam_rotate          |  rotate current camera

cam_slew            |  slew current camera

speed_fac           |  set speed factor of 3d move in editor

cam_level           |  level current camera

cam_unroll          |  unroll current camera

num_scroll          |  scroll via numeric keypad

global_scale        |  zoom in/out & rescale

show_raycasts       |  display light raycasts

min_show            |  min id# raycast to show

max_show            |  max id# raycast to show

record_movement     |  show rays of samples moving

cam_spotlight       |  mounted spotlight toggle

blend               |  integer variable

test_blend          |  boolean toggle

traverse_log        |  log cell traversal to traverse.log

clear               |  clear framebuffer to pink

max_polys           |  maximum polygons to draw

show_lightmap       |  display light sampling

render_info         |  rendering stats at some volume

detail_level        |  mipmap detail level (0-1)

dot_clamp           |  mipmap orientation limit

surf_256            |  surfaces are all row==256

show_span_lengths   |  boolean toggle

show_render_times   |  detailed rendering timing info

info_volume         |  determine amount of rendering information

portal_clip_poly    |  boolean toggle

portal_clip_fast    |  boolean toggle

poly_clip_fast      |  boolean toggle

always_slow_split   |  force split objects to do things the hard way

show_particle_counts|  show count of particle sim/render

show_particle_sim   |  list particle objects set to always_simulate

cache_feedback      |  get extra surface cache info

light_scale         |  float variable

player_light        |  attach a light to the player

min_light           |  minimum dynamic light on a surface allowed visible

max_dist_2          |  maximum distance dynamic light can reach

keep_all_lit        |  boolean toggle

show_cells          |  Display cells containing refs

span_clip           |  enable span clipping in the renderer

portal_model        |  render models through portal tmappers

full_obj_test       |  choose all/incomplete cell lists for object sort testing

show_split          |  outline objects being split

show_bbox           |  show bounding boxes around objects

show_bbox_2d        |  outline objects

disable_topsort     |  disable good objsort

show_shadtab        |  draw shading table

pick_shade_dist     |  pick which rule for distance

puntd3d             |  boolean toggle

zbuffer             |  boolean toggle

znup                |  function

zndown              |  function

zfup                |  function

zfdown              |  function

zlinear             |  function

agglight            |  boolean toggle

nullrast            |  function

palette_light       |  boolean toggle

skip_clip           |  boolean toggle

project_space       |  boolean toggle

linear_map          |  affine mapper for terrain

surface_cache       |  cache lit surfaces

edit_command        |  edit a command in the command editor| edit_command <cmd>

history_cmd         |  edit command from history offset

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