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DromEd Deluxe version 1.0 Release Notes
September 2002
Editor : Rob Hicks

Welcome to DromEd Deluxe (DEDX) version 1.0, an unofficial expansion for the Thief 2 Dark Engine Editor, DromEd v1.18 (the patched version).

This package adds literally hundreds of quality objects, AIs, textures, voices and sounds to DromEd, as well as fixing numerous minor bugs and omissions.  The project began in March 2002, in response to numerous threads on the TTLG Forum, Thief Editors’ Guild.  DromEd Deluxe grants the user access to –

1.	Most of the Thief and Thief Gold objects, AIs, textures and sounds that were not included with, or fully functional in, Thief 2.  Also, many items that were included with, but not implemented in, Thief 2. 

2.	A huge range of fan-created objects, AIs, textures, voices, sounds and improvements.  Also several ports of useful items from other similar games.

3.	A custom gamesys, DEDX01.gam, that implements all of the above, thus saving editors vast amounts of time and effort in creating their own gamesys.

4.	A ‘starting point’, basemis.mis, that provides mission builders with a ready-made room, starting point, blue rooms and integral DEDX features, thus saving a considerable amount of time and effort with each new build.  convict.osm, gen.osm and script.osm are already set up (but note that script.osm has been renamed as warning.osm in the zip file).   


The zip file, (or if you have downloaded the ‘lite’ version), should contain the following :-

File	DEDX01.doc	- This document
File	DEDX01.gam	- The DEDX gamesys
File	basemis.mis	- The 'starting point'
File	warning.osm	- SEE NOTICE BELOW
File	warning.dll	- SEE NOTICE BELOW
Folder	bitmap		- special corona effects
Folder	books		- art for books and scrolls
Folder	fam (zipped)	- textures
Folder	mesh (zipped)	- AI models and skins
Folder	obj (zipped)	- object models and skins, corpse bitmaps
Folder	schema		- sound schema files (of value to advanced users)
Folder	snd (zipped)	- sounds
Folder	strings		- in-game text

To install DEDX, unzip all of the above into your main Thief 2 directory, ensuring that the directory structure is maintained (mission designers who already have their own folders for bitmap, books, fam, etc, may wish to unzip the files with a touch of human input to avoid possible over-writing of files).  On a clean install of Thief 2 there should be no files over-written.   Note : It is essential that the four zip files (,, and are removed from the Thief 2 folder after unzipping, otherwise DromEd will be unable to find the original Thief 2 information.

If you are using the ‘lite’ version of DEDX, you will also need to copy the following folders from Thief Gold into the snd folder; BugBeast, 	Crayman, ElemFire, Hammer2, Hammer3, Hermit, Mage1, Mage2, Murus, Opera1, Opera2 and Ramirez.  Many other sounds have been imported from Thief Gold, but these have been included in the ‘lite’ version, as they are not so simple to copy over directly.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : Gaylesaver's excellent user scripts have been utilised (to a mere fraction of their potential) in some elements of DEDX.  The scripts are represented by the two enclosed files warning.osm and warning.dll.  These two files must be renamed as script.osm and darkhooks.dll to be operational, and you may do this, but you are most strongly advised to download the original files from Gaylesaver’s site rather than use the two included with this package.  No responsibility will be accepted for any problems caused by not following this advice.

To use DEDX, open DromEd and load the 'starting point' mission basemis.mis.  The DEDX01.gam gamesys should automatically load, along with all required scripts.  All of the DEDX features may now be found in the object hierarchy.  Advanced users of DromEd may not wish to use basemis.mis, and can add DEDX01.gam to their own missions, but HEED THIS WARNING -

As with all DromEd builds, it is important to avoid building around the point 0, 0, 0 (weird things happen there).  It is doubly important that this rule is adhered to when using DEDX.  What is more, you MUST have a room-brushed blue room (8 x 8 x 8 will do) centred at 0, 0, 0 or DromEd will crash!  At best, failure to secure the origin will result in strange, suicidal rats appearing in your mission!  Do not delete any objects that appear at 0, 0, 0 unless you are absolutely sure what you are doing.  DromEd puts them there for a reason!

It is, of course, possible to use any of the DEDX additions in your own gamesys.  For advanced DromEd users, this may even be desirable, as this allows users to pick and chose the best features for their own missions.  The only real difficulty here is that you will have to find and isolate all of the meshes, gifs and other doohickies associated with the things you use.

Notices to Users of DromEd Deluxe

By installing and using this package, you agree to the following terms and conditions :

1.	Whilst every care is taken to ensure that DEDX is bug and virus free, the user of the package is solely responsible for checking the compatibility, suitability and safety of the package.  The supplier of DEDX is in no way responsible for any loss, damage or other detrimental effects caused by using the package.

2.	DEDX is distributed free to users and is created for the benefit of the Thief 2 editing community and not for profit.  The user of the package is free to use, modify and distribute the contents of the package strictly on the condition that no monies or other remuneration are sought, other than sundry amounts to cover consumables (i.e. discs) and/or postage and packing.

3.	DEDX consists of collected works from many contributors.  The contents of the package remains the copyright (if such exists) of individual contributors.  If a user distributes any part of the package in any form, he/she must credit and acknowledge the copyright of the contributor(s) in supplementary documentation.  It is not sufficient to credit and acknowledge DEDX (see point 4).  If a user modifies and distributes any part of the package in any form he/she must still credit the contributor of the unmodified part.

4.	In addition to proper crediting and acknowledgement of contributors' work, if a user distributes any part of the package in any form, he/she must also acknowledge DEDX as the supplier of the parts.

5.	Users of DEDX who, due to unreliable information, unknowingly distribute parts of the package which are incorrectly credited or in breach of any copyright will be obliged, if requested to, to alter their supplementary documentation or, in certain cases, to withdraw their distributed works.

6.	VERY IMPORTANT : Many of the DEDX features are ports from ‘Thief : The Dark Project’ or ‘Thief Gold’.  If you have these games (and you probably do) then welcome to DromEd Deluxe.  If, on the other hand, you do not, then please go out and buy a copy.  Here in the UK, Thief Gold can be bought for just five pounds.  That’s less than eight US Dollars.  Not only do you get a fantastic game, you also make your use of DEDX ethical.

7.	As per the normal DromEd terms and conditions : Any levels you create and distribute must contain your name and email address and must be distributed with a readme file that contains this sentence,  “This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos Interactive."  Your levels must be distributed free of charge.  Neither you nor anyone else may sell, rent, lease or commercially exploit these levels in any way.  You may only exchange them at no charge to licensed users of Thief 2: The Metal Age.  When you publicly distribute your level you automatically grant Looking Glass Studios the perpetual, royalty free right to use, modify, license and distribute your level in any way they choose.

The Additions & Modifications

The additions and modifications to the dark.gam gamesys, now called DEDX01.gam are many and various, and represent four different types of enhancement -

1.	Items from Thief or Thief Gold which were not included with, or only semi-functional in, Thief 2.  In a few instances, items have not been implemented in DEDX exactly as they appeared in the originals - this is largely due to problems with missing scripts.  Whenever possible, the 'best match' has been included.  For example, the Trickster in Thief and Thief Gold did not appear in Thief 2, and his motions were not supported in Thief 2, effectively making it impossible to use him.  With the much-appreciated assistance of Schwaa, we have re-made the Trickster in a format suitable for Thief 2.  Although he is not quite the same entity, the new Trickster is functional and, if anything, an improvement on the original.  A number of items from Thief and Thief Gold have always been available in Thief 2, but not fully functional.  DEDX has ‘fixed’ many of these items, but not all.  As methods for implementing the ‘unfixed’ items become available, they will be included in DEDX updates.

2.	Items from Thief, Thief-Gold and Thief 2 which did not appear in the games, but were found in the games' files.  These are commonly called 'outtakes'.  Many outtakes have been substantially modified, as they were supplied only in draft or semi-functional form.  For example, the Cobraman was only ever seen as an unused skin in Thief.  Conceptual artwork revealed that the intended shape of the beast was serpentine, but with spindly arms/claws.  Such an interpretation is not possible in the Dark Engine [editor : anything is possible!], so the Cobraman has been re-invented as a small, acid-spitting humanoid (thanks again to Schwaa for making my model into something really special).

3.	Items which, although appearing in the games, did not appear in the dark.gam object hierarchy.  As examples, Karras, Basso, the pirate, etc.

4.	A few useful items have been ported from similar games (System Shock, Half-Life, etc).  If you are concerned about the legality or ethics of such ports, you are advised not to use them.  Remember, DromEd editing is a hobby, and a free hobby to boot.  No monetary transactions are ever to be associated with DEDX, and, in a way, any such ports are a homage to the source.  If you are both American and a lawyer and have nothing else worth doing, feel free to sue me, the editor, Rob Hicks.  If you win the case you stand to make in the region of fifty pounds sterling.

5.	Entirely new objects, AIs, sounds, textures, etc, modified or created by the DromEd community.  This represents the largest and most exciting of the additions, but is also not without controversy.  Some DromEd users may feel that certain additions are not in the 'spirit' of the original games.  As examples, female Hammerites are now represented (should they be?); some generic fantasy monsters, like orcs, goblins and werewolves are represented (do they go against the unique atmosphere of the Thief world?); there are new weapons and tools (do these turn Garrett into a killing-machine?); and new technology, like steam engines, view-screens, contemporary fittings and furniture (anachronous?).  DromEd editors are advised to use only what they like in their missions - DEDX is all about giving options, not changing the Thief world we all love so much.

6.	A number of metaproperties have been added, allowing certain special effects.  These are usually direct responses to forum questions like "How can I make a corpse lie face-up?" and "Can I give a servant a weapon?".

7.	A few minor bugs have been fixed, none of which will have a significant impact, but which are handy all the same.  The majority of these bug fixes are direct responses to forum questions like "Why can I walk through this building/table?" and "Why have my weapons disappeared?".

8.	A few small enhancements have been made, improving the sense of reality and the 'intelligence' of AIs.  For example, it always used to bug me that you could fire a water arrow directly into a guard's face without him even noticing!  The enhancement now makes this impossible - any projectile passing within about a yard of a guard will give them cause for concern (with the exception of bowmen, who carry a projectile on their backs – it was no good having them constantly alerted by their own weapons!).  On a similar note, doors and boxes that have been forced open will alert passing guards.

There is an awful lot of new material in DEDX, and although it has been thoroughly checked, there may still be small errors (a few known bugs are mentioned in the list of additions and modifications).  DEDX will be periodically updated and expanded, so, if you find any errors or omissions, or have created something that you would like to share, please get in touch.  Most importantly, please report any errors in the credits listings as soon as possible.  Public messages regarding DEDX may be posted at either of  two forums, where special threads have been started (The Old Quarter and Through The Looking Glass Forums Contributions should be sent to robhicks1 AT hotmail DOT com. 

Additions and Modifications - Details

There follows a listing of the additions and modifications with contributor credits.  It would be lovely to describe, in detail, how each addition was made, what every stim is for, what the metaproperties do, the social and feeding habits of the new monsters, but there is simply too much material.  The list is fairly self-explanatory but does not tell you what links are present, what models are used, etc.  To really understand what things are and the way they work, create them in game and examine their properties and links :-

Act/React Stimuli

•	FireStim (-388)  FieldZapStimX (-7595) //Used for talisman field effects
•	IceStimX (-6894) //Used for ice-arrow effects
•	ThawStimX (-6898) //Used for ice-arrow effects
•	GrappleStimX (-6967) //Used for grappling hook effects
•	CrowbarStimX (-6969) //Used for AIs’ increased infiltration awareness effects
•	AlertStimX (-6973) //Used for crowbar and projectile effects
•	MagicStimsX (-7211) SilenceStimX (-7212), CharmStimX (-7214) and CharmedStimX (-7381) //Used for potion effects
•	WebStimX (-7213) //Used for modified web shot effects
•	MagicFadeStimsX (-7229)  FadeStimX (-7230), SilenceEndStimX (-7231) and CharmEndStimX (-7239) //Used for timing potion effects
•	InvisStimX (-9134) //Used for vampire’s spell effects
•	ProjStimX (-9148) //Used for AIs’ increased projectile awareness effects



The majority of the 40 or so voice additions are for Thief / Thief Gold AIs.  The schemas and sound files for these AIs have been edited to remove unwanted conversation information – this was a necessary omission to reduce the size of the DEDX download.  Advanced editors can easily add conversations, and the sound schema files are included for reference.  The majority of new voices come from YcatX’s amazing repertoire, but AWang has also contributed greatly.  Several voice schemas have been made by Rob Hicks from ‘bits and pieces’ found in the Thief / Thief Gold / Thief 2 snd folder, and a few SS2 ports have been implemented.  With the additions listed below, the range of voices has been practically doubled, thus providing editors with a valuable and exciting new resource.  Note : DromEd has a peculiar need to periodically re-arrange the order of voices in the object hierarchy.  As such, this list of new voices is presented in alphabetical order.

•	vactor1 (-6654) //Actor; T1G port
•	vactor2 (-6656) //Actress; T1G port
•	vbat (-6632) //Bat; AWang
•	vblue (-6623) //Monkey; SS2 port by Rob Hicks
•	vbug (-6620) //Bugbeast; T1G port
•	vchild (-7131) //Unisex child; AWang
•	vcobra (-6629) //Reptilian; AWang
•	vcray (-6621) //Crayman; T1G port
•	vcyclops (-6633)  vcyclops1 (-6634) and vcyclops2 (-6635) //Cyclops or babbling foreigner; YcatX
•	vfemthief (-6642)  vfemthief1 (-6643) and vfemthief2 (-6644) //Female thief; T2 sounds, mod. by Rob Hicks
•	vfire (-6619) //Fire elemental/shadow; T1G port
•	vghoul (-6636)  vghoul1 (-6637) and vghoul2 (-6638) //Burbling undead; YcatX
•	vgoblin (-6628) //Goblin; T1G sounds, mod. by Rob Hicks
•	vguild (-6639)  vguild1 (-6640) and vguild2 (-6641) //Guild thieves; YcatX
•	vham (-93)  vhammer1 (-94), hammer2 (-95) and hammer3 (-96) //Alternate male Hammerites; T1G port / Note : vhammer1 is from Thief 2, it has become a child of the vham parent.
•	vhamf (-6645)  vhamfem1 (-6646) and vhamfem2 (-6647) //Female Hammerite; T2 sounds, mod. by Dark Arrow
•	vhaunt2 (-7123) //Alternate haunt; YcatX
•	vhermit (-6648) //Mad hermit; T1G port
•	vlich (-9030) //Phantasmal lich; ShadowTemplar
•	vmage (-6649)  vmage1 (-6650) and vmage2 (-6651) //Male mages; T1G port
•	vmagefem (-6627) //Female mage; T2 sounds, mod. by Rob Hicks
•	vmojo (-6652) //Verbal ogre; YcatX
•	vmurus (-6653) //Muttering Murus; T1G port / Note : all Murus does is mutter.
•	vnecrofem (-6631) //Female necromancer; AWang
•	vogre (-6624) //Non-verbal ogre, troll or giant; SS2 sounds, mod. by Rob Hicks 
•	vogre2 (-6625) //Verbal ogre; YcatX / Note : Effectively the same as vmojo, but came with Dark Arrow’s ogres.
•	vorc (-7141) //Orc; AWang
•	vpatron1 (-6655) //Male opera guest; T1G port
•	vpatron2 (-6657) //Female opera guest; T1G port
•	vramirez (-6658) //Ramirez; T1G port
•	vtrick (-6626) //Trickster; T1G sounds, mod. by Rob Hicks
•	vvik (-6622) //Viktoria; T1G sounds, mod. by Rob Hicks
•	vwerewolf (-6630) //Werewolf; AWang
•	vwisp (-7113) //Wisp; YcatX


Listing the added schemas is not easy – there are an awful lot of them!  Essentially, most T1G sound effects that were missing in Thief 2 have been implemented, but with slightly different names and sometimes different class tags.  For example – the Thief schema of sounds ‘amb_m01’ has been renamed ‘t1g_m01’, and a sound within that schema, ‘m01halls’, has been renamed ‘t1g01halls’ (this system is used throughout).  Editors who know the sounds of Thief and Thief Gold well should have no problem finding them in DEDX.  A few new sound effects have also been added for special DEDX features (namely new spell sounds, but also a few goodies like horse sounds).  The best way to find out about the sounds is to play with them – that’s what we have to do with the Thief 2 sounds anyway!  Advanced editors, who wish to tinker further with the schemas, will find that all of the schema files have been included with this package.


There are too many new SFX to list (hundreds), but all of them are evidenced by the AIs, projectiles and other goodies that use them.  Look carefully at the ~ParticleAttachement [sic] and corpse links to establish which SFX have been used and why.  A large number of SFX from Thief / Thief Gold made it into Thief II without proper implementation (certain Maw SFX, creature cocoons, foetal creatures, etc).  Most of these have been fixed now and should operate when created in a mission.  Of the remaining non-functional SFX (things like PortalExplode, TeleportIn/Out and SaveTheWorld), some will, if demand is high enough, be implemented in one the DEDX updates.

A few new SFX need mentioning, as they are not linked to anything else and so may be missed –

•	PermanentSmokeX (-9089) // A large area of choking smoke – good for burning buildings
•	CandleMothX (-7659) // A solitary circling bug – excellent around candles or torches
•	ParticleBeam (-3445)  ZapBeamX (-6608), SteamBeamX (-6609), FireBeamX (-6610) and BubbleBeamX (-6611) //Various interesting implementations of the particle beam

Physical Additions (AIs and Objects)

This category represents the bulk of the DEDX work, and the most exciting element of the expansion.  Nearly 200 AIs have been added – the entire Thief / Thief Gold cast plus many wonderful new creations.  Similarly, hundreds of quality objects (from the studios of Schwaa, Nameless Voice and others) have been included.  Strangely, the vast majority of Thief / Thief Gold objects were available (at least partially) in the Thief II files, just never implemented in the gamesys.  Putting these into DEDX has been a case of identifying the missing files and adding object hierarchy entries.  Most of the ‘creature’ AIs from Thief / Thief Gold are direct ports, but the majority of the human[oid] AIs are the high-poly versions created by the miraculous Daemonite.  If you prefer to use the low-poly models (freak) then simply substitute them in the mesh and mesh/txt16 folders.  If you wish to use the low-poly models but do not possess Thief / Thief Gold, then go out and buy a copy, cheapskate.  


Creature (-8)

The S&R properties of the Creature archetype have been slightly modified to permit certain DEDX features.  All AIs (which come, of course, under creature) have been fully implemented with their own unique characteristics and behaviours.  All should now exhibit an automatic behaviour pattern when placed in a mission.  Any AI that becomes a corpse upon death has been given a ‘carrying’ bitmap.  In cases of transfer from Thief / Thief Gold, these bitmaps have been edited (and renamed) to reflect Garrett’s Thief 2 clothing.  Not all of these bitmaps are of the highest quality, so any improvements would be gratefully received.

Undead (-1319)

The S&R properties of the Undead archetype have been slightly modified to permit certain DEDX features.


The traditional haunts (undead Hammerites) now have several weapon-type variants and a Mechanist version.

•	Haunt2X (-6678) //Alternate haunt; Rob Hicks
•	HauntBowX (-6698) //Haunt archer; Rob Hicks / Note : Quiver is a mesh attachment.
•	HauntSwordX (-6700) //Haunt swordsman; T1G port by Daemonite
•	HauntSword2X (-7433) //Alternate haunt swordsman; T1G port by Daemonite
•	MechHauntX (-6702) //Mechanist haunt; Rob Hicks

Additionally, the following undead have been included under the haunt archetype (simply because they are more like haunts than they are like zombies, phantoms, etc).

•	TormentorX (-6861) //Large executioner-style undead; Half Life port by Shadowspawn / Note : Axe is a mesh attachment.
•	SkeletalLichX (-7191) //Undead mage with ghost shots; Rob Hicks (skull by Schwaa)
•	RevenantX (-7386) //Undead assassin with dagger; DemonReaver & Rob Hicks
•	AcidLichX (-7389) //Weird floating undead with acid spells; ShadowTemplar
•	BoneDemonX (-7218) //Winged, skull-headed demon; Rob Hicks (skull and wings by Schwaa) / Note : Wings are a mesh attachment.


A bug has been fixed with the zombies so that they now explode into the correct body parts (non-rotten zombies will simply become corpses rather than explode into inappropriate pieces).

•	Zombie2X (-7196) //Alternate zombie with lower jaw and both hands; T1G outtake mod. by Rob Hicks
•	Zombie3X (-7197) //Low poly zombie; T1G port
•	SummondedZombieX (-7570) //Vanishes after 30 seconds – used for necromantic arrow
•	FleshZombieX (-7012) //Squishy zombie; SS2 port mod. by Rob Hicks
•	HammerZombie1X (-6679)  HammerZombie2X (-6680) and HammerZombie3X (-6681) //Hammerite zombies in varying states of decay.  Explode into correct parts; T1G ports by Daemonite
•	ZombieChildX (-6682) //A very sick idea; Modified T2 material
•	NecromancerZombieX (-7014) //Part of the necromancer’s death stages; Rob Hicks
•	MummyX (-7198) //Classic bandaged mummy; Rob Hicks
•	GhoulX (-7475) //YcatX’s ghoul, remeshed by Rob Hicks.  Now surrounded by bugs (as if it wasn’t nasty enough); YcatX and Rob Hicks


The apparition was non-functional in T2.  This has been fixed, and a range of alternate apparitions has been included.  The Wraith is a spectacular and scary undead.

•	Apparition2X (-6701) //Electric-blue, light-resistant apparition.  Shoots electricity; T1G outtake mod. by Rob Hicks
•	MechApparitionX (-6703) //Mechanist apparition; Rob Hicks
•	ApparitionX (-6709) //Fixed; T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	WraithX (-7018) //Somewhat aloof, the wraith simply walks up to its enemies and causes them to die of fear! T1G outtake mod. by Rob Hicks
•	CaptainMarkhamX (-9162) //As seen in T2’s Precious Cargo.


Only one addition – Murus from T1G.

•	MurusX (-6683) //Just mumbles as usual; T1G port by Daemonite

Other Undead

You can never have enough undead.  

•	FireShadowX (-6684) //T1G port by Daemonite
•	FireSkeletonX (-6879) //A fire-shadow skeleton; Schwaa with mod. by Rob Hicks
•	SkeletonTypesX (-6717)  SkeletonUnarmedX (-6718), SkeletonSwordX (-6719), SkeletonSword+HelmetX (-6720), SkeletonArcherX (-6721) and SkeletonMageX (-6722) //Animated skeletons; Schwaa //SkeletonUnarmed2X (-8948) and SkeletonSword2X (-8949) //Low-poly skeletons; Nameless Voice
•	SuccubusX (-8935) //A flaming female demon; Rob Hicks (wings by Schwaa) / Note : Wings are a mesh attachment.
•	VampireX (-6983) //Blood draining nosferatu-style vampire.  Uses spells to become invisible and ethereal.  Becomes a bat when slain; Rob Hicks
•	WraithSpiderX (-9150) //Undead giant spider //Idea by YcatX

Beast (-1327)

The S&R properties of the Beast archetype have been slightly modified to permit certain DEDX features.

Ape Beasts

•	Monkey1X (-6726) //T1G port
•	Monkey2X (-6727) //T1G outtake mod. by Rob Hicks
•	BlueMonkeyX (-6899) //SS2 port mod. by Rob Hicks

Bug Beasts

•	BugBeast (-1329) //Fixed, T1G port
•	BugDemonX (-6704) //T1G outtake; Rob Hicks
•	BugSpawnX (-7420) //T1G outtake; Rob Hicks

Tree Beasts

•	TreeManX (-6729) //Skinny treebeast; Rob Hicks
•	SpriteX (-6885) //Tiny dryad-type with magic missiles; Rob Hicks

Elemental Beasts (under TreeBeast)

These are huge elemental creatures, usually with a single vulnerability to an opposing element.

•	LavaBeastX (-6881) //Killed with water or ice; Rob Hicks
•	IceBeastX (-6882) //Killed with fire or impact; Rob Hicks
•	RockBeastX (-6883) //Killed by impact; Rob Hicks
•	GasBeastX (-6884) //Killed by fire, but only if directed at the ground NOT at the creature; Rob Hicks
•	ShadowBeastX (-7241) //Killed as if it were undead; YcatX

Other Beasts

•	DryadX (-6728) //Originally an attempt to make an AI for Viktoria, this makes a good nature-spirit or dryad.  Fires deadly branches; Rob Hicks / Note : Claws are mesh attachments.  Bug Note : For some unexplained reason, the use of this AI prevents you from closing down DromEd normally (it will crash when you try).  No other adverse effects have been noticed.  Any ideas why?
•	GiantX (-6943) //A standard fantasy giant; Rob Hicks / Note : Spear is a mesh attachment.
•	GoblinX (-6944) //Squeaky greenish critter; Rob Hicks
•	OgreTypesX (-6984)  OgreX (-6985), OgreSpearX (-6986), OgreArcherX (-6987), OgreMutantX (-6988) and OgreShamanX (-6989) //Ugly Neanderthal-type brutes; T1G outtake mod. by Dark Arrow / Note : Spear and nipple chains are mesh attachments.
•	CobramenX (-7015)  CobramanSpitterX (-9129), Cobraman (-9130) and LizardmanX (-7387) //Reptilian humanoids; cobraman = T1G outtake mod. by Rob Hicks and Schwaa, lizardman = Rob Hicks / Note : Lizard Man’s tail is a mesh attachment.
•	TricksterX (-7019) //The beast is back! //T1G port mod. by Rob Hicks and Schwaa / Note : Tail is a mesh attachment.
•	WerewolfX (-7121) //Classic wolf-man, Hammer Horror werewolf; Rob Hicks / Note : Tail is a mesh attachment.
•	TrollX (-7147) //Huge green monster with spiked club; Rob Hicks
•	TricksterlingX (-7417) //Ape-like servant of the Trickster armed with a deadly lava-blowpipe! //YcatX
•	RatmanX (-7436) //Harmless but filthy – a small rat-like humanoid //Rob Hicks
•	OrcTypesX (-8950)  OrcSwordsmanX (-8951), OrcArcherX (-8952) and Orc+ClubX (-8953) //Standard fantasy grunts; Rob Hicks
•	CyclopsX (-7415)  CyclopsEvilEyeX (-9140) //Huge, brutish, hairy humanoids with a single green eye.  The Evil Eye is a nasty ranged attack – just wait till you see the launch motions! (discovered accidentally) //Rob Hicks

Robot (-1783)

The S&R properties of the Robot archetype have been slightly modified to permit certain DEDX features.

Combat Bots

Most new combat bots do not flinderize when chopped (you would know why if you had ever tried to do it).

•	CombatBotDamagedX (-6878) //Damaged version of the combat bot; Modified T2 material 
•	CombatBotGoldX (-6874) //Gold-coloured combat bot; Modified T2 material
•	CombatBotGoldDamagedX (-6873) //Damaged gold-coloured combat bot; Modified T2 material
•	FireBotX (-9141) //Bronze-coloured combat bot with flame thrower(!); DemonReaver and Rob Hicks
•	HammerBotX (-6725) //After the fall of the Mechanists, the Hammers got busy with the red paint; Rob Hicks
•	SecurityBotX (-6862) //SS2 port (although present in an unskinned format on the T2 disk!) – Armed with a machine gun. Does flinderize in a large explosion; Outtake mod. by Rob Hicks

Other Bots

•	MontyPythonPlantX (-7159) //Variant eyeball plant; T2 outtake
•	SecCamera1X (-8943) //Variant security camera; T2 outtake
•	OldSecCameraX (-8944) //The grey-tube security camera seen a few times in T1; T1 port
•	HiTechSecCameraX (-8945) //Contemporary security camera (SS2 relic?); T2 outtake
•	ArmedScurrybotX (-9142) //Active scurrybot with little zaps; Modified T2 material
•	ActiveScurryBotX (-9147) //Active scurrybot; Modified T2 material
•	PrototypeX (-6746)  PrototypeCopperX (-6747) //SS2 droid (also appeared in a UK T2 demo!).  The skin has been modified to remove a few anachronous details, and a bronze/copper version is included; SS2 port mod. by Rob Hicks
•	WoodenMannequinX (-7192) //Animated wooden puppet; Rob Hicks
•	AnimatedScarecrowX (-7394) //Happy Halloween!; Nameless Voice
•	RobotBurrickX (-9071) //Mechanical bronze burrick, spits sawblades; Rob Hicks
•	HoverbotX (-9097) //Floating version of the clockwork eye, shoots zaps; Rob Hicks

Animal (-2544)

The S&R properties of the Animal archetype have been slightly modified to permit certain DEDX features.

Human (-14)

The S&R properties of the Human archetype have been slightly modified to permit certain DEDX features.

Mechanist (and Hammerites)

The range of Hammerites has been vastly increased, beyond that of Thief and Thief Gold.

•	HammerGuard3X (-6685) //Variant Hammerite with hammer; T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	HammerGuard4X (-6686) //Variant Hammerite with hammer; T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	HammerGuardFemaleX (-7110) //Female Hammerite with hammer; Dark Arrow
•	HammerGuardSwordX (-7432) //Hammerite with sword; T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	HammerGuardSword2X (-7434) //Variant Hammerite with sword; T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	ham workerX (-1433) //Unarmed Hammerite; T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	CavadorX (-6687) //As seen in T2’s Kidnap
•	HammerWelderX (-7603) //Hammerite with welding mask and pole; Rob Hicks
•	Mech_Novice (-1730) //Fixed, with mechanist details; Rob Hicks
•	ham novice (-1435) // Fixed; T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	ham priest (-1436) //Fixed; T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	MurusLivingX (-6692) //Before the ‘accident’; T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	HammerPriest2X (-6613) //Variant Hammerite priest; Rob Hicks
•	KarrasX (-6693) //As seen in T2
•	HammerPriestessX (-7111) //Hammerite priestess; Dark Arrow
•	HammerArcherX (-6694) //Hammerite with bow; Daemonite / Note : Quiver is a mesh attachment.
•	HammerArcherFemaleX (-6695) //Female Hammerite with crossbow; Dark Arrow


Note : Most bystanders can easily be made to fight with a variety of weapons using the new M-ThePeasantsAreRevoltingX group of metaproperties.  See the section on Mesh Attachments.


•	MaleServ3X (-6607) //The ‘purple’ servant; T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	FemServ4X (-6710) //Green/blue clothing; T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	FemServ5X (-6711) //Blue clothing; T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	FemServ6X (-6712) //Old woman; T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	BarkeepX (-7402) //Drunken barkeep; Rob Hicks
•	ServantGirl1X (-7439)  ServantGirl2X (-7440) and ServantGirl3X (-7441) //Child versions of FemServ3, FemServ5X (T1G port mod. by Daemonite) and FemServ4X (T1G port mod. by Daemonite)


•	MaleOperaGuestX (-6713) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	FemaleOperaGuestX (-6714) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	NobleChildrenX (-7442)  NobleGirl1X (-7443), NobleGirl2X (-7444) and NobleGirl3X (-7445) //Child versions of female nobles, NobleGirl1X is a T1G port mod. by Daemonite


•	LycanthropeX (-7122) //Like PaganManWhite, but becomes a werewolf when injured; Modified T2 material
•	ShamanWomanX (-6612) //Mystic woman with vine shots; Rob Hicks
•	PaganChild2X (-6748) //Alternate pagan girl; Modified T2 material
•	PaganBoyX (-6749) //Small boy pagan; Rob Hicks
•	LotusX (-7243) //As seen (in a refrigerator) in T2’s Precious Cargo

Other Bystanders

•	Merchant1X (-6715) //Grey clothing; T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	Merchant2X (-6716) //Green/gold clothing; T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	JesterX (-7219) //Harlequin-style buffoon; Rob Hicks
•	ScholarX (-6614) //Academic or professor type; Rob Hicks
•	StudentX (-6615) //Academic type; Rob Hicks
•	ActorX (-7395) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	ActressX (-7396) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	ActressChildX (-7449) //Child version of ActressX; T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	BeggarX (-7404) //Unhealthy gutter-dweller with missing eye; Rob Hicks
•	CuttyX (-7422) //Back from the dead, and just as twitchy as ever; T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	FarkusX (-7423) //Also back from the dead, now apparently sells used bots; T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	BassoX (-7446) //As seen in T2’s Running Interference
•	JennivereX (-7447) // As seen in T2’s Running Interference
•	HermitX (-7448) //Mumbling operatic cave-dweller; T1G port mod. by Daemonite


No prisoners were implemented in the original dark.gam gamesys.  Now we have eight!

•	BassoPrisonerX (-7452) //As seen in T1’s Cragscleft.  Ragged clothing; T1G port by Daemonite
•	Prisoner1X (-7453) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	Prisoner2X (-7454) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	PrisonerFemale1X (-7455) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	Prisoner3X (-7456) //T2 material
•	Prisoner4X (-7457) //T2 material
•	Prisoner5X (-7458) //T2 material
•	PrisonerFemale2X (-7459) //Whore; T2 material


All of the T1G guards have now made it into DEDX.  A slight problem was found with Daemonite’s Constantine Guards, whose legs (for some reason) didn’t work in DromEd 2.  These have now been remeshed.  Don’t forget that a range of shields are available for guards, making them slightly more interesting.

Swordsmen – Grunts

•	MoselyX (-7244) //As seen in T2’s Courier
•	SwordGuardRedX (-7491) //Alternate guard; T2 material
•	SwordGuardRedFemX (-7489) //Alternate female guard; T2 material
•	BramGuard2X (-7492) //Alternate guard; T2 material
•	BramGuard3X (-7493) //Alternate guard; T2 material
•	BaffordGuardX (-7401) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	ConstantineGuardX (-7460) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite and Rob Hicks
•	SwordGuard3X (-7461) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	DrunkGuardX (-7462) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	RamirezGuardX (-7463) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	MageGuardX (-7464) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	OperaGuardX (-7465) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite

Swordsmen – Sergeant/Sheriff

•	KnightX (-6970) //Heavily-armoured guard (no KO); Rob Hicks
•	BaffordSergeantX (-7419) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	RamirezSergeantX (-7466) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	TruartUnharmedX (-9014) //Truart in good shape with sword (poorly skinned); T2 outtake mod. by Rob Hicks


Note : Bowmen do not feature the improved AI sensitivity to passing missiles.

•	Bowman3X (-7405) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	ConstantineBowmanX (-7421) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite and Rob Hicks / Note : Quiver is a mesh attachment.
•	RamirezBowmanX (-7467) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	MageBowmanX (-7468) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	OperaBowmanX (-7469) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	BramBowmanX (-7494) //Alternate bowman; T2 material


The mysterious Keepers are now more roundly represented, with a variety of new characters.  These AIs do not attack unless threatened.

•	KeeperSwordX (-6688) //Keeper swordsman; Rob Hicks
•	KeeperBowX (-6689) //Keeper archer; Rob Hicks
•	KeeperFemaleX (-6690) //Unarmed female Keeper; Rob Hicks
•	KeeperMageX (-6691) //Keeper mage – casts key-shaped spells; Rob Hicks


Note : Thieves can be given the voice vguild (by YcatX) for further variety.

•	ThiefSwordsmanX (-7428) //Variant; T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	ThiefUnarmed2X (-7427) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	ThiefUnarmed3X (-7429) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	ThiefUnarmedFemaleX (-7430) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	ThiefGirlX (-7451) //Child version of ThiefUnarmedFemaleX; T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	ThiefFemaleCrossbowX (-7109) //Rob Hicks
•	ThiefFemaleCrossbow2X (-7400) //Black; YcatX
•	EyepatchRogueX (-7199) //Guy with missing eye and patch; Rob Hicks
•	PirateX (-7242) //T2 material
•	AssassinPriestX (-7399) //Assassin with dagger spells; YcatX
•	ThiefBowmanX (-7424) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	ThiefBowman2X (-7426) //T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	GarretX (-7425) //Apparently, this is Garrett; T2 material
•	RamirezX (-7435) //Arch enemy; T1G port mod. by Daemonite

Mage Types

Mages will be a real treat for anybody who missed Thief Gold.  We have male and female varieties for each of the four elements, plus necromancers and a precursor(!).

•	AirMageX (-6903) //Summons a roving elemental; T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	AirMageFemaleX (-6904) //Casts gas spells; Rob Hicks
•	NecromancerX (-7013) //Summons zombies.  When killed becomes two kinds of zombie; Rob Hicks
•	NecromancerFemaleX (-7032) //Casts ghost shots; Rob Hicks
•	EarthMageX (-7033) //Casts entangling vines; T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	EarthMageFemaleX (-7034) //Casts acid spells (ShadowTemplar’s method); Rob Hicks
•	FireMageX (-7035) //Casts fireballs; T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	FireMageFemaleX (-7036) //Summons clouds of fire; Rob Hicks
•	WaterMageX (-7037) //Casts ice spells; T1G port mod. by Daemonite
•	WaterMageFemaleX (-7038) //Casts suffocating bubble spells; Rob Hicks
•	PrecursorX (-7240) //Casts mask spells and magic missiles; Rob Hicks


Standard fantasy dwarves.

•	Dwarf_HammerX (-7201) //Rob Hicks
•	Dwarf_AxeX (-7418) //Rob Hicks


Adonizia is a country sometimes referred to in T2 books and scrolls.  We know nothing about the place, but have decided to place ShadowTemplar’s excellent ‘Arabesque’ AIs in this category.

•	AdonizianMageX (-7409) //Casts dagger spells; ShadowTemplar
•	AdonizianGuardX (-7412) //Grey clothing, armed with a scimitar; ShadowTemplar
•	AdonizianWarriorX (-7413) //Red clothing, armed with a scimitar; ShadowTemplar


•	SpiderBeastX (-9149) //Large spider with webs and magic missiles; T1G port using T2 material

Small Animal

The two new categories of Rat, MagicRatsX and AntiMagicRatsX, are not intended for use as AIs.  These are used by DEDX to control the timing of the new potion effects.  Do not use or modify!

•	ActiveRatX (-9163) //The normal rat, but active when created in a mission; T2 material

Small Flying Critters

The bat model is very low-poly, simply because it seems likely that editors will want to use several in one place.

•	BuzzBugX (-9095) //Insect with bug shots; BlackRuin
•	VampBatX (-9115) //Death stage of the vampire; Rob Hicks
•	BatX (-9116) //Irritating bat; Rob Hicks


Swim in water if given patrols.  Both can be eaten if killed.

•	Fish1X (-7187) //Grey fish; T2 material
•	Fish2X (-7193) //Animated gold fish; Schwaa

Burrick Types

Shadowspawn’s freeing of the burrick meshes has allowed a whole range of new burricks to be implemented.

•	BurrickX (-7150) //T1G port
•	BurrickCalfX (-7403) //Burrick infant; Rob Hicks
•	BullBurrickX (-7406) //Large, green male burrick; Rob Hicks
•	Burrick_OpenMouthedX (-7407) //T1G outtake
•	RaptorX (-8895) //Acid-spitting thin green dinosaur; Rob Hicks

Elemental Burricks

The concept of elemental burricks is entirely YcatX’s, but Rob Hicks has expanded the idea a little.  A few of YcatX’s original skins have been re-rendered, to create consistency between the burrick types.

•	ShadowBurrickX (-7238) //Undead vulnerabilities, belches bugs; YcatX
•	FrostBurrickX (-7437) //Ice-dwelling burrick, belches freezing vapour; YcatX, mod. by Rob Hicks
•	LavaBurrickX (-7474) //Lava-dwelling burrick, belches lava-spatter; YcatX, mod. by Rob Hicks
•	FireBurrickX (-7476) //Fire-dwelling burrick, belches flames; Rob Hicks
•	WaterBurrickX (-7477) //Water-dwelling burrick, belches suffocating bubbles; Rob Hicks


•	EyeElementalX (-6991) //Floating eyeball, shoots eyeball shots; YcatX, mod. by Rob Hicks
•	WispElementalX (-7022) //A sentient Will O’ Wisp, follows Garrett around alerting enemies to his presence; T2 material (voice by YcatX)
•	FireElementalX (-7145) //Shoots fireballs; T1G port
•	AirElementalX (-7188) //Shoots small zaps; Rob Hicks
•	EarthElementalX (-7189) //Shoots acid blobs; Rob Hicks
•	WaterElementalX (-7190) //Shoots suffocating bubbles; Rob Hicks
•	MageAirElementalX (-9154) //T1G port – YcatX’s implementation

Cray Types

•	CraymanX (-7411) //T1G port
•	MawCrayX (-7431) //T1G port



•	MushroomX (-6858) //Von Eins
•	2MushroomsX (-6859) //Von Eins
•	FungusBallX (-7170) //Explodes into gas when touched; T2 outtake
•	GreenMushroomX (-7685), LavaMushroomX (-7686) and IceMushroomX (-7687) //Schwaa
•	StrippedTreeX (-6857) //Von Eins
•	HayPileX (-7154) //T2 outtake
•	SmallHayPileX (-7155) //T2 outtake


The Mage locks, Cathedral wards and Lost City locks from T1G have now all been implemented, with appropriate keys.  For some reason, you need to use the keys on the locks twice before things happen (but this is a feature of DromEd 2’s transforming locks).  The method uses stims for each lock and key, and could do with some improvement.

•	KeeperLockX (-7578), TalismanLockX (-7588), EarthLockX (-7589), AirLockX (-7590), FireLockX (-7591), WaterLockX (-7592), WaterLockBrokenX (-7598), EarthWardX (-9050), AirWardX (-9063), FireWardX (-9064) and WaterWardX (-9065) //All T1G ports, broken water lock ‘fixed’ by Rob Hicks


A good range of new weapons for Garrett.  It is possible to hold more than one weapons in any one ‘weapon slot’, but you need to use the ‘W’ (or ‘Next Weapon’) key to select them.  For example, if Garrett picks up a sword, dagger and then a spear, only the spear (the last weapon picked up) can be reached with the ‘Sword’ hotkey.  The sword and dagger have to be selected with the ‘Next Weapon’ key.  The common problem with vanishing weapons has been fixed.
	Sword weapon slot :	

•	CromsBladeX (-6865) //Fantasy sword; Schwaa
•	DaggerWieldX (-6871) //Small sword or long dagger; Athalus
•	AxeWieldX (-6889) //Two-headed axe (not a fantasy battleaxe); Who made this?  Your source info has been lost – massive apologies – let us know ASAP!
•	SpearWieldX (-7161) //Pagan spear; Rob Hicks
•	ConstantineSwordX (-7174) //T1G port mod. by Rob Hicks

Blackjack weapon slot :

•	HammerWieldX (-6872) //Hammerite weapon; Athalus
•	MaceWieldX (-6890) //Mechanist weapon; Athalus
•	StaffWieldX (-6891) //Long quarterstaff: Athalus
•	BareHandsX (-7398) //Unarmed combat(!); Rob Hicks


•	WagonX (-7011) //A covered wagon.  Who made this?  Your source info has been lost – massive apologies – let us know ASAP!


Buttons and Levers

•	SunButtonX (-7599) //Reskinnable button; T1G port
•	RamirezBellPullX (-7580) //With sounds; T1G port
•	RaftLeverX (-7581) //T1G port
•	CromsTorchLeverX (-7662) //Lever camouflaged as a torch; Schwaa
•	LostCityLeverX (-7169) //T1G port / Note : Now functional – can be assembled with the LostCityLeverRod (under keys).  There is an small bug in that you must frob the lever slot with the rod twice (once to assemble, once to operate), and in between the two frobs you appear to have two lever rods.  Any ideas?

Other Gizmos (various locations with the Gizmo archetype)

•	HandsawX (-6855) //Von Eins
•	AnvilX (-6856) //Von Eins
•	Anvil2X (-6863) //Schwaa
•	SteamEngineX (-7195) //Steam locomotive engine; Rob Hicks (wheels by Schwaa)
•	EngineCarX (-7640) //Car for SteamEngineX; Rob Hicks (wheels by Schwaa)
•	EngineWheelX (-7689) //Wheel for SteamEngineX; Schwaa
•	SwampCoolerX (-7688) //Humming electrical device; Schwaa
•	CannonX (-8896) //Does not fire – for ornamental purposes only!; Rob Hicks
•	CannonBallX (-8897) //Perhaps DEDX’s least interesting object; Rob Hicks
•	CuckooClock2X (-6841) //Von Eins
•	HourglassX (-6842) //Von Eins
•	SmallClockX (-6851) //Von Eins
•	Gear04X (-7668) //Schwaa
•	Gear05X (-7669) //Schwaa
•	PistonPartX (-7168) //T2 outtake


•	OldLCMaskX (-7585) //T1G port
•	BaffordScepter (-225) //Fixed
•	HornOfQuintus (-2054) //T1G sounds added
•	FakeEye1X (-7397) //T1G outtake
•	FakeEye2X (-7414) //T1G outtake
•	FakeEye3X (-7416) //T1G outtake
•	FakeEye4X (-7582) //T1G outtake
•	MageMedallion1X (-7600) //T1G port
•	MageMedallion2X (-7601) //T1G port
•	OperaGlasssesX (-7602) //T1G port
•	DiamondX (-7670) //Schwaa
•	RedGemX (-7671) //Schwaa
•	BlueGemX (-7672) //Schwaa
•	GreenGemX (-7673) //Schwaa
•	PurpleGemX (-7674) //Schwaa
•	BraceletX (-7182) //T2 outtake
•	AnkhGoldX (-7693) //Nameless Voice
•	AnkhSilverX (-7694) //Nameless Voice
•	LocketX (-8909) //Nameless Voice
•	CrownBlueX (-6866) //Schwaa
•	CrownGreenX (-6867) //Schwaa
•	CrownRedX (-6868) //Schwaa

Terrain Like


•	SecretDoor3.5x7X (-7635) //Spinny, reskinnable; T1G port
•	SubDoorX (-7120) //Spinny; T2 outtake; badly fixed by Rob Hicks
•	Door8x5X (-7639) //Spinny; T1G port
•	HalfRound4x8X (-6846) //Spinny; Von Eins
•	HalfRound4x9X (-6847) //Spinny; Von Eins
•	MageDoorX (-7636) //Spinny; T1G port
•	OperaDoorX (-7637) //Spinny; T1G port
•	OldOperaDoorX (-7649) //Spinny; T1G outtake, mod. by Rob Hicks
•	SecretDoor4x8X (-7638) //Spinny, reskinnable; T1G port
•	RottedDoorX (-7682) //Spinny; Phantom
•	Shutter2X (-7634) //Spinny; T1G port
•	5x5SecretDoorX (-7604) //Slidy, reskinnable; T1G port


•	MageLiftX (-7605) //T1G port
•	CloudLiftX (-7606) //T1G port


•	PlacedRopedLadderX (-8915) //Nameless Voice


There are quite a few changes/additions to the contents of the carpet archetype.  These have been made to allow the new kinds of web and vine attacks, as well as ShadowTemplar’s acid spell effects.  Since all of these changes are ‘behind the scenes’ the changes are not listed.  Advanced editors can see for themselves how everything has been achieved.

Misc. Terrain

•	HotPlate8x4X (-7608) //T1G port
•	HotPlate6x6X (-7609) //T1G port
•	Railing6X (-6853) //Von Eins
•	RailPostX (-6854) //Von Eins
•	BrokenCatwalkX (-7156) //T2 outtake
•	ScaffoldX (-7152) //T2 outtake	
•	StalagtiteX (-7616) //Reskinnable; T2 outtake


The buildings have been fixed to have the correct dimensions, and to be solid when created in game.

Horse Objects

•	HorseNeighX (-7130) and HorseWalkX (-7597) //A model of the upper body of a horse (head, body and tail).  Totally immobile, and not intended for use as a horse AI.  These are best placed in areas the player can only just see and not access.  HorseNeighX produces neighing sounds, HorseWalkX produces horse trotting noises; Rob Hicks (sounds by AWang).



•	PictureFrameX (-8913) //Reskinnable painting; Nameless Voice


Plaques have now been given appropriate art references, and a new Hammerite/Mechanist/Viewscreen plaque sets of art have been created by Rob Hicks.  Gaylesaver’s IntrinsicPlaque script has been implemented on those plaques named ‘…NoArtX’.  To use this script, create the plaque in game and edit the design note to the desired text.  Simple!  (But, as pointed out by Hit Deity, this does not help the multilingual aspect of the game).

•	PosterScroll (-2489) //Art added
•	FloorPlaque (-2488) //Art added
•	GoldPlaque (-2926) //Art added
•	GoldHammerPlaque (-3047) //Art added; Rob Hicks
•	MechPlaque (-3256) //Art added; Rob Hicks
•	Keeper Tabletop (-4425) //Art added; T1G port
•	TabletX (-7633) //T1G port
•	TabletNoArtX (-7641) //T1G port
•	GoldPlaqueNoArtX (-7642)
•	PosterScrollNoArtX (-7643)
•	FloorPlaqueNoArtX (-7645)
•	MechPlaqueNoArtX (-7646)
•	GoldHammerPlaqueNoArtX (-7647)
•	ViewScreenX (-7648) //Anachronous Hammerite technology; Rob Hicks


•	tstone_ham (-1365) //Now skinned badly by Rob Hicks
•	tstone_simp (-1366) //Now skinned badly by Rob Hicks

Street Signs

•	StreetSign2X (-9018) //North-South, reskinnable arms; Rob Hicks
•	StreetSignTX (-9020) //North-East-South, reskinnable arms; Rob Hicks
•	StreetSignLX (-9019) //North-East, reskinnable arms; Rob Hicks


The alphabet has been rendered as single letter graffiti (upper and lower case) to allow editors the freedom to write on walls or other surfaces.

•	LowerCaseAlphabetX : a_X (-7541) to z_X (-7566); Rob Hicks
•	UpperCaseAlphabetX : [A]X (-7505) to [Z]X (-7530); Rob Hicks
•	GlyphsX (-7610) //T1G port
•	EarthSymbolX (-7612) //T1G port
•	AirSymbolX (-7613) //T1G port
•	FireSymbolX (-7614) //T1G port
•	WaterSymbolX (-7615) //T1G port

Other Decorative

•	OctagonalMirrorX (-7650) //Crap; Rob Hicks
•	CrystalBallX (-7663) //Schwaa
•	DartboardX (-7664) //Schwaa
•	Dart_RedX (-7665) //Schwaa
•	Dart_BlueX (-7666) //Schwaa


•	CoffinX (-7698) //Reskinnable; Nameless Voice
•	OldCoffinX (-8898) //Reskinnable; Nameless Voice
•	SpiderChestX (-8919) //Nameless Voice
•	CashboxX (-7178) //T2 outtake


There is a load more debris than is listed here, simply because most of it is ‘behind the scenes’ stuff (i.e. body parts, robot pieces or flinders).  Advanced editors can examine the object hierarchy for themselves if they so desire, but there is nothing very exciting to be found.  Note that several of the zombie body parts have new models, thus fixing the old “why does an exploded zombie have a woman’s head?” problem (fix by Daemonite).

•	Icicle4 (-3336) //Now functional, implemented as a ‘point up’ icicle; Rob Hicks
•	SlabX (-7618) //An unsurprising slab of stone; T1G port
•	ScrunchedPaperX (-7173) //Ooh, the excitement; T2 outtake
•	DeadBurrickX (-7157)  DeadBurrick2X (-7158) //T1G ports.
•	WebbedHumanX (-7167) //T1G port
•	MonkeyHeadX (-7172) //T2 outtake
•	BambooPoleX (-7180) //T2 outtake


•	ClosedBarrelX (-7695) //Nameless Voice


As described in the section on locks, these keys all operate, but the lever rod has an annoying bug.

•	MageKeysX (-7620)  EarthKeyX (-7621), AirKeyX (-7622), FireKeyX (-7623), WaterKeyX (-7624) and TreasureKeyX (-7625) //Work on mage locks; T1G ports
•	LC_KeeperKeyX (-7619) //Works on Keeper lock; T1G port
•	Talismans_asKeysX (-9051)  AirTalisman_asKeyX (-7579), WaterTalisman_asKeyX (-7594), FireTalisman_asKeyX (-7593) and EarthTalisman_asKeyX (-9052) //Work on wards; T1G ports
•	LostCityLeverRodX (-7185) //Works on lost city lever slot; T1G port

Projectile (-59)

The S&R properties of the Projectile archetype have been slightly modified to permit certain DEDX features.  This is a list of those projectiles which are useable by Garrett – all of the other projectiles (and there are many) are evidenced by the AIs that fire or cast them.  Advanced editors may wish to examine these in detail.

When creating a projectile for Garrett from the new selection, you have four options :-

1.	Create the items (from the Projectile group) as purchasable loudout items (all have been given costs and desrcriptions).
2.	Create the items (from the Projectile group) as ‘starting items’ by contains linking to the starting point.  This places them automatically in Garrett’s possession when the mission starts.
3.	Place the items (from the Projectile group) in containers, so they automatically enter Garrett’s possession when the containers are opened.
4.	Use crystals that Garrett can pick up.  Crystals for each of the new arrows are included in the Tulz group.  You will need to give each crystal created a contains link to the arrow type required and create the arrow (from the Projectile group) in a blue room.  Hopefully a planned script will make this job a little easier.

•	DetonationArrowX (-7385) //A super-fire arrow that creates huge explosions at the point of impact; Rob Hicks
•	FlashArrowX (-7151) //Like a flash bomb in arrow form; Rob Hicks
•	NecromanticArrowX (-7567) //A zombie rises from the floor at the point of impact and attacks anything nearby (including Garrett).  It vanishes in a puff of smoke after 30 seconds; Rob Hicks
•	AcidArrowX (-7568) //Splashes yellow acid on impact; Rob Hicks
•	IceArrowX (-7569) //Freezes AI’s (they turn translucent and glass-like) for 30 seconds.  Can be buggy if more than one AI is affected; Rob Hicks

Note : The Webs (as fired by spiders) have been totally re-designed for DEDX, and Vine spells have also been implemented.  Rather than crappy hexagons with a web/vine texture, these projectiles are now rendered with models, which shrink to nothing after a short period of time.  Garrett still acquires junk webs/vines when hit, and AIs are now affected too – being frozen to the spot for a few seconds.


•	CandelabrumX (-7696) //Reskinnable; Nameless Voice
•	OperaLightX (-7626) //T1G port
•	BoxLampX (-7660) //Ernie
•	WallLampX (-7667) //Ernie
•	WallLamp2X (-7675) //Ernie
•	LightOrbX (-8908) //Nameless Voice
•	WallLamp3X (-8924) //Nameless Voice
•	NewLanternX (-8905) //Nameless Voice
•	NewLanternUnlitX (-8906) //Nameless Voice
•	NewStreetLampX (-7680) //Phantom
•	alarmlite (-1259) //Now functional
•	RamirezAlarm (-1809) //Now functional
•	Torch(LowPoly)X (-7676) //Schwaa
•	BunsenX (-7628) //T1G port
•	BrazierX (-7629) //T1G port
•	Crom'sTorchX (-7661) //Schwaa
•	CandleLanternX (-7678) //Schwaa
•	WireBallX (-7627) //T1G port + functional too! (it wasn’t in Thief Gold)
•	CensorX (-7177) //T1G port
•	OilLampX (-7679) //Schwaa
•	MageCrystalX (-7630) //T1G port


Hunt around within the sub-archetypes if you want to use any of these items – they are all where you would expect them to be.  The most interesting addition is the DrinkX archetype – anything in there is drinkable, and Garrett makes suitable sound effects when doing so.

•	TrashCanOpenX (-7690) //Schwaa
•	TrashCanClosedX (-7691) //Schwaa
•	TrashCanLidX (-7692) //Schwaa
•	Bucket2X (-6839) //Von Eins
•	BucketFullX (-6840) //Von Eins
•	RoundCheeseX (-8901) //Nameless Voice
•	FishX (-7186) //Edible; T2 material
•	SushiX (-7194) //Edible; Schwaa
•	CabbageX (-8900) //Edible; Nameless Voice
•	SausagesX (-8902) //Edible; Nameless Voice
•	TallCauldronX (-7160) //T2 outtake
•	CorkedFlaskX (-6852) //Von Eins
•	Playbill (-3237) //Now functional
•	Globe1X (-6843) //Von Eins
•	Globe2X (-6844) //Von Eins
•	Globe3X (-8903) //Nameless Voice
•	Globe4X (-8904) //Nameless Voice
•	FoldedClothesX (-7162) //T2 outtake
•	ChessBoardX (-8894) //Rob Hicks
•	CombX (-8899) //Nameless Voice
•	PocketWatchX (-8914) //Nameless Voice
•	LuteX (-7677) //Schwaa
•	CoatHook (-5041) //Bug fixed – no longer fall down
•	BasketX (-6849) //Von Eins
•	DrinkX (-7382)  BeermugX (-7383) //Drinkable – uses the InvSchema script; Rob Hicks


•	BigTable (-5076) //Bug fixed – now correct dimensions
•	RoundTableX (-6848) //Von Eins
•	RoundTable2X (-8917) //Nameless Voice
•	RoundLongTableX (-6850) //Von Eins
•	ClawTableX (-7697) //Nameless Voice
•	MushroomTableX (-8912) //Nameless Voice
•	LargeOvalTableX (-8916) //Nameless Voice
•	TileTopTableX (-8920) //Nameless Voice
•	SlotMachineX (-7617) //T1G port
•	HolyWaterFontX (-7632) //T1G port
•	HealingFont (-4578) //Now functional, but heals without limit.
•	CupboardX (-6845) //Von Eins
•	PianoX (-7112) //T2 outtake, Rob Hicks
•	ScreenWallX (-7684) //Schwaa
•	RockingHorseX (-6860) //Von Eins
•	HanoiTowersX (-8922) //Nameless Voice
•	TeddyBearX (-8923) //Nameless Voice
•	SignGentsX (-8927) //Schwaa
•	SignLadiesX (-8928) //Schwaa
•	SinkX (-8929) //Schwaa
•	ToiletX (-8930) //Schwaa
•	UrinalX (-8931) //Schwaa


•	MagnifyingGlassX (-8910) //Nameless Voice
•	MicroscopeX (-8911) //Rob Hicks
•	ScissorsX (-8918) //Nameless Voice

Equipment - Shields

Schwaa’s original set of shields has been expanded to include Hammerite and Mechanist versions, along with heraldic devices for Bafford and Ramirez.  To use a shield, the metaproperty M-ShieldUserX makes things easy.  Create an AI, add the metaproperty, and give the AI a contains link to a shield (also created in game, in a blue room).  AIs equipped with a shield using this method cannot be picked up when killed or knocked out – this is to prevent a weird ‘floating shield’ error.  Just assume that, with the weight of the shield, Garrett cannot pick them up. 

•	ShieldBlueX (-6920) //Schwaa
•	ShieldMechanistX (-6922) //Schwaa and Rob Hicks
•	ShieldRamirezX (-6923) //Schwaa and Rob Hicks
•	ShieldHammerX (-6924) //Schwaa and Rob Hicks
•	ShieldBaffordX (-6925) //Schwaa and Rob Hicks
•	ShieldOrangePurpleX (-6929) //Schwaa
•	ShieldRedWhiteX (-6930) //Schwaa
•	ShieldWoodX (-6931) //Schwaa and Rob Hicks


•	WindChimeX (-8925) //With T1G tinkling sound; Nameless Voice

Tulz – Crystal

See the notes in the Projectile list to implement these crystals in your missions.

•	NewCrystalsX (-6892)  NecromanticCrystalX (-7573), FlashCrystalX (-7574), IceCrystalX (-6900), AcidCrystalX (-7575) and DetonationCrystalX (-7576) //Schwaa and Rob Hicks

Tulz – Grenadz

All have been allocated costs and have loadout descriptions.

•	IRGrenadeX (-7531) //An auxiliary eye for Garrett, illuminates a small area with a very bright red light, but does not effect the light gem or AIs’ abilities to see Garrett; T2 material
•	SmokeBombX (-7652) //Creates a cloud of choking smoke (does not obscure vision) – dissipates after 30 seconds; Rob Hicks
•	FireBombX (-7653) //Creates a cloud of searing sparks – burns out after 30 seconds; Rob Hicks
•	IceBombX (-7654) //Creates a cloud of freezing vapour that immobilizes AIs – has some bugs as per the IceArrowX; Rob Hicks

Tulz – Potions

Although more potions were planned for DEDX, the two provided in version one are the only ones that have been fully implemented.  Both use the ‘magic rats’ system of timing.  There are undoubtedly better ways. 

•	SilencePotionX (-7202) //Makes Garrett move almost silently for about 10 seconds; Rob Hicks
•	CharmPotionX (-7203) //Makes unfriendly AIs temporarily neutral; Rob Hicks

Tulz – Other

•	Compass1X (-7171) //T2 outtake
•	CrowbarX (-6864) //Can be frobbed on some doors (mostly wooden ones) to force them open – guards will notice that doors have been opened in this way; Schwaa
•	GrapplingHookX (-6966) //Can be thrown at certain surfaces (from the GrappleX texture family) and will stick, deploying a rope – once the rope is deployed the hook cannot be picked up.  Not very user-friendly; Schwaa
•	ThrowingKnifeX (-6972) //A short range missile, capable of killing an unsuspecting opponent; T2 material
•	SnufferX (-7148) //Can be frobbed on torches and small fires, extinguishing them without needless waste of good water arrows; Rob Hicks
•	CaltropX (-7175) //When dropped, become irritating spikes that impede enemies’ progress – single use; T2 outtake
•	ThrowingDartX (-7181) //A short range missile; T2 material


•	Rowboat2X (-7683) //Schwaa

Mesh Attachments

Many AIs have horns, tails or weapons as mesh attachments.  To use a mesh attachment is fairly easy, and you will know if you need one when you create an AI in your mission – the attachments will initially appear as white wedges stuck in unusual places!  As an example, create the WerewolfX in the middle of basemis.mis.  You will see a white wedge flapping around by his feet.  This means a mesh attachment is required.  Open the object hierarchy, go to MeshAttachmentsX/CreaturePartsMAX and create a WolfTailMAX in a blue room, remembering the tail’s number (let’s say it is 23).  Now edit the WerewolfX’s properties and add Renderer/MeshAttach.  Up pops the mesh attachment dialogue.  Simply enter the tail’s number (23) in the first field (attached obj 1).  Now the werewolf has a tail.  A few AIs have more than one mesh attachment – the same process applies, but subsequent attachments will require the ‘attached obj 2’ or ‘attached obj 3’ fields to be completed.

The weapons in the WeaponsMAX group are for use with some AIs who carry unusual arms, and are also used in conjunction with the M-ThePeasantsAreRevoltingX set of metaproperties to arm servants, nobles and other unarmed characters.

•	WeaponsMax (-9191) 

o	TormentorAxeMAX (-6870) //Half-Life port by Shadowspawn
o	GiantSpearMAX (-6945)
o	QuiverMAX (-7183) //T2 outtake
o	LongBowMAX (-7184) //T2 outtake
o	DaggerMAX (-7209)
o	BlackjackMAX (-9187)
o	SpearMAX (-9188)
o	HammerMAX (-9189)
o	BowMAX (-9190) //T2 outtake
o	MaceMAX (-9213)
o	SwordMAX (-9214)

•	CreaturePartsMAX (-9192) 

o	TricksterTailMAX (-7020) //Use on TricksterX; Rob Hicks
o	WolfTailMAX (-7146) //Use on WerewolfX; Rob Hicks
o	LizardTailMAX (-7388) //Use on LizardmanX; Rob Hicks
o	VikClawMAX (-7437) //Use on DryadX; Rob Hicks
o	VikClaw2MAX (-7438) //Use on DryadX; Rob Hicks
o	DemonWingsMAX (-8932)  DemonWingsRedMAX (-8933), DemonWingsRedLargeMAX (-8934), DemonWingsOrangeMAX (-8936), DemonWingsOrangeLargeMAX (-8937), DemonWingsBrownMAX (-8938), DemonWingsBrownLargeMAX (-8940), DemonWingsGreenMAX (-8939) and DemonWingsGreenLargeMAX (-8941) //Use DemonWingsRedMAX on SuccubusX and DemonWingsBrownMAX on BoneDemonX; Schwaa
o	Chain1MAX (-9136)  Chain2MAX (-9137) //Used on Ogres; Dark Arrow


The majority of metaproperties added to the gamesys are ‘behind the scenes’ and not listed here.  A few, however, have been created to assist editors –


•	M-FaceUpCorpseX (-9015) //Creates a face up corpse
•	M-CrumpledCorpseX (-9094) //Creates a crumpled (as if in agony) corpse


•	MatGooX (-7023) //Nice sludgy, wet material property; Sounds by ShadowTemplar


•	M-ShieldUserX (-6921) //Sets up AIs for shields.  See Equipment – Shields for method.

•	M-ThePeasantsAreRevoltingX (-7208) //A group of seven metaproperties that allow editors to quickly arm servants, nobles, pagans, etc with common weapons and have them fight (not as well as a guard).  Example of use : Let’s arm a merchant (Merchant1X) with a spear.  First create the merchant in basemis.mis.  Add the metaproperty M-ArmedWithSpearX.  Now find SpearMAX in MeshAttachmentsX/WeaponsMAX and create one in a blue room.  Remember the spear’s number (let’s say it is 15).  Now edit the merchant’s properties, add Renderer/Mesh Attach.  Up pops the mesh attachment dialogue.  Simply enter the spear’s number (15) in the first field (attached obj 1).  Now the merchant has a spear and can fight!

There are two tricky things about the M-ThePeasantsAreRevoltingX metaprops :-

1.	All of the mesh attachments have been ‘calibrated’ for the merchant, Merchant1X.  Other AIs may require slight positional adjustments of the mesh attachments, but things should generally be in the right place.
2.	If you make an unarmed AI use a bow, you will need a QuiverMAX mesh attachment as well as BowMAX, and you will also need to add an AIProjectile link to a broadhead, and a contains link to a Quivarr.

•	M-ArmedWithSpearX (-7224)
•	M-ArmedWithHammerX (-9079)
•	M-ArmedWithBlackjackX (-9078)
•	M-ArmedWithBowX (-9077)
•	M-ArmedWithMaceX (-9080)
•	M-ArmedWithSwordX (-7205)
•	M-ArmedWithDaggerX (-7207)


Two texture archetypes have been added.  A nice ‘goo’ sound for wet floors or marshes, and a neutral texture archetype for the grappling hook to stick to.

•	GooTexX (-7024) //Sounds by ShadowTemplar
•	GrappleTexX (-6965)

39 texture families have been added, some large, some small.  Decide for yourself if you wish to use Dhin’s conversions of many textures from Vampire – the Masquerade (they are faintly unethical but very good).  Some families from T1G which made it into T2 in a semi-complete form have been expanded (but you need to add_family for the T2 family and the DEDX family – there is no duplication).

•	BaffordX //Bafford’s manor; T1G port   
•	BarkX //Selected bark and rough wood textures, collected by Rob Hicks
•	BasementX //Constantine’s woodsie basement; T1G port
•	BricksX //Various bricks; Vampire - the Masquerade port mod. by Dhin
•	BrownBricksX //Various bricks; Vampire - the Masquerade port mod. by Dhin
•	BrownStoneX //Various masonry; Vampire - the Masquerade port mod. by Dhin
•	BugX //Selected insectoid and biomechanical textures, collected by Rob Hicks
•	ChambersX //Various tooled stone; Vampire - the Masquerade port mod. by Dhin
•	ChapelX //Various tooled stone; Vampire - the Masquerade port mod. by Dhin
•	ChurchX //Expanded, T1G port
•	ConcastleX //Constantine’s castle; T1G port
•	CrackedConcreteX //Various concrete textures; Vampire - the Masquerade port mod. by Dhin
•	DarkAbbyX //Various tooled stone; Vampire - the Masquerade port mod. by Dhin
•	DeepX //T1G port [what are these?]
•	DirtX //Selected gravel, shingle and earth textures, collected by Rob Hicks
•	DungeonX //Prison cells; T1G port
•	FloorDesignsX //Various tiles and floor textures; Vampire - the Masquerade port mod. by Dhin
•	GrappleX //Selected common T2 textures, slightly flattened colours, used for the grappling hook (the hook only sticks to these textures)
•	GreyBricksX //Various masonry; Vampire - the Masquerade port mod. by Dhin
•	GreyStoneX //Various masonry; Vampire - the Masquerade port mod. by Dhin
•	HallsX //Various tooled stone; Vampire - the Masquerade port mod. by Dhin
•	HiTechX //Selected System-Shock textures, generic sci-fi stuff
•	LostCityX //Expanded, T1G port
•	MasonryX //Selected masonry and stucco textures, collected by Rob Hicks
•	MetalsX //Mage (?) metal surfaces; T1G port
•	MineX //Expanded, T1G port
•	MiscX //Selected miscellaneous textures, collected by Rob Hicks
•	NatureX //Selected grass, swamp and flora textures, collected by Rob Hicks
•	NewMageX //The mage towers; T1G port
•	OperaX // The opera house; T1G port
•	RamirezX //Expanded, T1G port
•	RockX //Selected unfashioned rock textures, collected by Rob Hicks
•	SewerX //Sewer system; T1G port
•	Sewer2X //Sewer system and worn rugs; T1G port
•	SwampX //Slime, sand and moss; ShadowTemplar
•	TempleX //Hammerite temple; T1G port
•	TowerX //Expanded, T1G port
•	UnholyCryptX //Various tooled stone; Vampire - the Masquerade port mod. by Dhin
•	WoodX //Selected wood textures, collected by Rob Hicks


Please put your hands together and big it up for the following people, without whom the DEDX project would not be, period.

	Antonio Salazar – Web Master and Goad
	AWang - Sounds
	BlackRuin – Sculptor
	Clichéman – Unknown Contribution 
	Daemonite – Sculptor and Artist
	DarkArrow – Sculptor and Artist
	DemonReaver – Artist  
	Dhin – Texture Converter
	Epithumia – Web Host
	Ernie – Sculptor and Artist
	Gaylesaver – Script Guru
	Nameless Voice – Sculptor and Artist 
	Phantom – Sculptor and Artist
	Schwaa – Sculptor Guru and Artist
	ShadowTemplar – Sculptor and Artist
	Von Eins – Sculptor and Artist
	YcatX – Sculptor, Artist and Inspirational Madman

And, of course, thanks to every taffer at the forums for suggestions, support, patience and missions!  This is for you! 

About the Editor

Rob Hicks is a 31-year-old mathematics and information technology teacher from Cheltenham, England.  He became a teacher after unsuccessfully trying (for 8 years) to get a job in the field of artificial intelligence, in which he holds a degree.  He has recently started to hate kids with a passion, and has plans to create an air-borne virus that prevents them from moving, speaking or thinking (at least until they leave school).  Prior to teaching, he spent five years of his life living and working in China, where he ate a scorpion and got married.  He has been a fan of the Thief series of games since he first played a demo of ‘The Dark Project’ in 1998, and has been toying with DromEd for almost as long, but only discovered that other people did it too in March 2002 (until that time he believed the Internet to be a tool of fascist oppression and refused to use it).  He has many and varied interests, including cryptography, linguistics, cats and zombie movies.  He is one of only about half a dozen members of the DromEd community to actually use a real name.  If he were to have an alias, it would be “Clichéman”.

Work in Progress (DEDX02.gam)

•	High-poly burricks, bugbeasts and craymen.
•	Burrick riders.
•	100’s of newly-acquired textures.
•	Expanding (even more) the range of AIs.  Look out for the ‘Luddite Brethren’ – a sect of fallen Hammerites and Mechanists who live to destroy the machine!
•	Expanding (even more) the range of voices.
•	Spell scrolls (you can see some of this work in progress in the obj folder).
•	Expanding the armoury to include a crossbow, blunderbuss, holy and flaming swords and more exciting arrows.
•	‘City Pack’ with re-skinnable buildings.
•	Full implementation of the Thief and Thief Gold sounds and voices (conversations, the ‘missing’ guards and servants).
•	Full implementation of all the Thief and Thief Gold gizmos (which we just didn’t have time to sort out for first release – things like cauldrons and multi-molds).
•	Potions of levitation, might, clairvoyance (reveals loot locations).
•	And a whole lot more!

Watch this space.

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