How to add Objects:

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Copy and Paste and edit the preformatted info below into the "Summary" section of image upload page.

Make sure the screenshot of the object is around medium ~640x480 resolution (no thumbnails), and has a good neutral background.

The Destination filename should be formatted like this: "File:DromEd Custom OBJ AUTHOR OBJECT-NAME.jpg"

  • Example: File:DromEd Custom OBJ cosas rp23 bathroom01.jpg
  • Example: File:DromEd Custom OBJ Ar-Zimrathon towelstacks.jpg

Ignore the "Licensing" section, it will be automatically added when you paste in the info below.

Custom DromEd Object

Type: AI, Bed, Vase......



Author: the authors name 

[http://www.homepage Main Page]
File Locations:

== Licensing: ==
[[Category:DromEd Custom Object Images]]

Then add the created object image "File:DromEd Custom OBJ AUTHOR OBJECT-NAME.jpg" to the galleries above: type and author.

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