This property is used to control AI's vision, by specifying exact properties for several 'Cones' of sight. Think of a Cone as a funnel coming from the AI's eyes, and everything inside the funnel is what the AI can see.

  • Z Offset specifies how much higher (or lower) the AI's eyes are than their model's center point.


  • Active makes this Cone active, otherwise it will be ignored.
  • No Alert # disables this Cone when the AI is at the specifies alert level.
  • Peripheral has no use that I have been able to discern.
  • Omni has no use that I have been able to discern.
  • Night Vision allows the AI to see in complete darkness with this cone.
  • Behind specifies that this Cone of view sees behind the AI, not in front of it.
  • Cone #: Angle is the width of this Cone.
  • Cone #: Z Angle is the hight of this Cone.
  • Cone #: Range is the maximum distance at which the AI can see with this cone.
  • Cone #: Acurity specifies how fast the AI's vision in this Cone 'decays' the higher the value, the quicker the AI reaches higher alertness levels.

Property Name: AI_VisDesc

DromEd Properties AI Core Vis Des

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