This seems to act the same as the Damage Object receptron. T2 only.

This receptron causes the target object to lose hit points equal to the intensity of the incoming stimulus. If the Player is CulpableFor the agent object, he is considered to be responsible for the damage (or death) of the target object, with everything that this entails, such as Don't Kill Anyone objectives.

  • Target Object: The object to be damaged.
  • Agent Object: The object causing the damage.
  • Damage Type: This specifies the type of damage to deal (by heirarchy number, such as -1261). It can be used to make an object feel, for example, bash damage whenever it touches water. This differs from Act/React->Receptrons->Stimulate Object in that the target does not need to be vulnerable to BashStim (-900) to take bash damage.
  • Use stimulus as type: If checked, the damage is the same type as the stimulus.
  • Multiply By: The damage is multiplied by this value. A negative amount will inverse the number, and heal the target.
  • Then Add: This value is added to the damage after the stim has been multiplied.

DromEd Properties Act React Recep Behav Eff PokO

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