This receptron teleports the specified object, to (or offset from) another object's location.

  • Target Object: The object to teleport.
  • Agent Object: The object to which the object should be teleported. Enter 'None' or '0' to teleport the object to (or offset from) the coordinates 0,0,0.
  • Position / Heading / Bank / Pitch: These options all specify the offset from the agent object at which the target object should be placed. These values are all relative to the location and rotation of the agent object.

Using this receptron, AIs seem to actually traverse the space between their starting location and the destination. Using a teleport trap, it doesn't seem to work that way, so it's probably better to use one of those if you want to teleport AIs.

DromEd Properties Act React Recep Behav Eff TeleO

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