This property is used to make additional lockpicks.

PickBits is a binary value used to determine which lockpick can pick which lock. The square-toothed lockpick has a PickBits value of 1, while the triangle-toothed lockpick has a value of 10. To make a new lockpick, use a value of 100 (and 1000, 10000, etc., for additional lockpicks); a lock with a Lockbits of 100 will be openable only by the new lockpick, while 110 will be openable by the new or the triangle, and 111 will be openable by all three lockpicks. So, a LockBits of 110101 will be openable by the lockpicks with a PickBits value of 1, 100, 10000 and 100000.

Property Name: PickSrc

DromEd Properties DarkGsys PickSrc

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