This property is used for making Translating (sliding) doors.

  • Closed Position is the position that the door starts at. This is only for the purpose of this property. It does not move the door.
  • Open Position is the position that the door should be at when it is fully open.
  • Base Speed is the speed that the door should move at.
  • Axis specifies the axis on which the door should Translate (slide).
  • Status is used to make the door fly away when opened. Leave it at Closed.
  • Hard Limits is one option the use of which evades me.
  • Blocks Vision?, when True, prevents Thief from rendering things on the other side of the door when closed.
  • Blocks Sound % specifies what percentage of sound the door should block.
  • Push Mass specifies the maximum Mass that the door will push out of the way if blocked.
  • Clockwise? is fair self-explanatory.
  • Room ID # is for making sure that the properly divides two room brushes.

Property Name: TransDoor

DromEd Properties Door Trans

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