AIDefendObj and reverse link ~AIDefendObj

Very similar to AIFollowObj, this link is used to make an AI guard an object. Each range can be used to specify how close the AI will go at specified alertness. For example, if you set Radius #1 to 25, Minimum Alertness #1 to 0, Maximum Alertness #1 to 1, Radius #2 to 5, and the 2nd alert range to 1-3, then the AI will trail the object at a distance of 25, but once alerted will move in close to a distance of 5.

  • From: The AI.
  • To: The object the AI should guard.
  • Return Speed: This option specifies the speed at which the AI will follow the object or return to it after defeating or loosing an adversary.
  • Radius: How far away from the object the AI will stop at.
  • Hight: How much vertical distance from the object the AI will stop at (?).
  • Minimun Alertness: The minimum alertness for the AI to use this range.
  • Maximum Alertness: The maximum alertness for the AI to use this range.

DromEd AIDefendObj Link Data

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