AIProjectile and reverse link ~AIProjectile

This link is used to give AIs ranged weapons.

  • From: An AI with a ranged attack.
  • To: A concrete projectile object..
  • Constraint Type: Specifies when the AI will NOT use this projectile.
  • Constrain Data: Specifies the number of friends which must be nearby for the AI not to use this weapon.
  • Targeting Method: Specifies what targeting method the AI uses.
  • Selection Desire: This is the desire the AI has to select this weapon.
  • Firing Delay: The delay between firing each projectile. Remember: bowmen, for example, still have to pull back their strings.
  • Ammo: The amount of ammunition the AI has for this weapon. 0 means infinite.
  • Burst Count: If set, then the AI will shoot a burst of the projectile in one shot.
  • Accuracy: The accuracy the AI has with this projectile.
  • Leads Target: If True, then the AI will lead his target, to compensate for moving targets. Decreases chances to hit stationary target.
  • Launch Joint: The joint from which the projectile is launched.

DromEd AIProjectile Link Data

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