This property is used to attach objects to a creature mesh at angles other than direct attachment to joints.

Note that the object can be 'left behind' by the creature, as the Mesh Attach link is not calculated when the creature is not on the screen. This property starts filled with (seemingly) random numbers, but it seems to be safe to delete these.

  • Joint is the joint number that the object is attached to. Note that some joints numbers crash DromEd.

Valid joints are: 1 = Crash 2 = Left Foot 3 = Right Foot 4 = Left Knee 5 = Right Knee 6 = Left Thigh 7 = Right Thigh 8 = Abdomen 9 = Neck 10 = Left Shoulder 11 = Right Shoulder 12 = Left Elbow 13 = Right Elbow 14 = Left Wrist 15 = Right Wrist 16+ = Crash

  • X/Y/Z Angle are the angles that the attached object is offset my, on a scale of 65535 instead of 360.
  • Offset is the offset from the center of the joint that the object should be attached at.

Property Name: MeshAttach

DromEd Properties Rend Mesh Att

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