This property allows you to modify the behavior of the scripts on the object. T2 only.

These four flags do not affect all scripts; but they do affect all of the standard traps (Under TrapTrig in the Hierarchy), and also levers and buttons. The flags work as follows:

  • Once: The script sets its Locked property once it has finished (but before any Timer messages can be processed), rendering it inactive.
  • Invert: All ControlDevice TurnOn and TurnOff messages are swapped before being processed by the script.
  • NoOn The script ignores TurnOn messages.
  • NoOff The script ignores TurnOff messages.

Both the NoOn and NoOff flags are checked before the Invert flag is taken into account.

A special note on buttons and levers: The Invert, NoOn, and NoOff flags affect the signal being sent by these scripts, so a lever with the NoOn flag will only ever send TurnOff messages.

Property Name: TrapFlags

DromEd Properties Script Trap CF

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