The fog effects are easy to use, but there wasn't anything in the docs for DromEd 2 about it. This guide will explain how to include fog in your Thief II missions.

Go to the command prompt. To access the command prompt click in the black box in the lower right-hand corner or type ':', e.g. Shift + semicolon. The commands for fog all begin with 'fog', so you can access them easily by typing 'fog' minus the quotes. Press Tab to cycle through the available command completions. When you've found the one you want, simply press Enter to execute the command.

Available commands:

  • fog_on: Turns fog on.
  • fog_r: followed by a value of 0-255, this command will set the level of Red in the fog to specified amount.
  • fog_g: followed by a value of 0-255, this command will set the level of Greeen in the fog to specified amount.
  • fog_b: followed by a value of 0-255, this command will set the level of Blue in the fog to specified amount.
  • fog_dist: the distance in feet at which the fog is opaque.

To use the fog effects once you have configured them using the commands above, go to Editors>Mission Parameters>Newsky: Sky. In the following dialog box, there will be an option to enable fog. Make sure it is checked. Now, create a concrete subclass of the default room brush using the following method.

-Create a room brush using the normal method. -While the room brush is selected, click on the Create button below the name of the room brush. -In the resulting dialog box, click Add. -Type in a name for your new room brush type. In this case, 'Fogroom', or perhaps 'WeatherRooom' if you plan to have weather effects as well.

Now, to use your room brush in you level, select your new room type from the tree. Click Create. It everything went well, the name of the room brush changes from 'Default Room' to your new room name. This indicates that the new room is now in use.

Now, click on the Edit button below the name of the room brush. Click Add. Select Weather>Local Weather from the pop-up menu. Make sure the 'fog' option is checked. Click OK. Click Done. Click Close. Now, re-build room database, re-portalize and then go into game mode to see the fog. Enjoy!

Note: If you use any of the other Newsky settings, be sure to enable fog for them also.

If it doesn't work: Be sure to enable fog in the Options menu. It is disabled by default. Also, be sure that the weather roombrush is larger than the what fog_dist is set to, for example, if fog_dist is 25, then your roombrush needs to be a little larger than 25x25x25, perhaps 30x30x30.


by Despot, copied from Dromed Central DB

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