Duma was steward to Lord Bram Gervaisius at The Gervaisius Estate, and most trusted with his property.

Lord Gervaisius set Duma with a list of belongings to pack for the trip to the Summer Solstice Soiree, including Illyrian tea.[1] Lord Gervaisius would write to Duma about the Soiree with Lord Bafford, meeting Lady Carina Veloden and ordering Duma to clean his quarters, shall Lord Bram entertain Lady Carina privately at the art exhibition.[2]

Duma writes back to his lord, congratulating him on meeting Lady Carina. He urges Lord Gervaisius to hurry home for preparations, and to bring back Throvian summer wine back from the summerhouse.[3]

Duma was the direct contact for Forman Hobart. Duma was pleased with The Builder's Children as added security for the art exhibition. Duma then ordered Hobart to have all construction debris cleaned, clocks fixed, harp tuned so that Lady Weatherington can, "display her meager skills".[4]


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