T2 CS10 05
Also known as
Priestess of the Wood, Woodsie Priestess
First Introduced

Dyan also known as the Priestess of Wood or the Woodsie Priestess, is a powerful shaman and leader of the Pagans after the death of Viktoria.

Garrett first encountered Dyan when he entered The Maw of Chaos through the cemetery. She steps into view behind Viktoria, along with Larkspur, when Garrett met with Viktoria to discuss Karras. She was at that time seen holding a staff which sparkled with unknown power. Later, Viktoria addressed her by name to give her and Larkspur final instructions before leaving to infiltrate Soulforge Cathedral.

After Viktoria's death, Dyan assumed leadership of the pagan faction, continuing to work closely with Larkspur, and heeding Viktoria's last wishes. Garrett used Dyan's Magic Amulet to gain access to a pump house in Auldale, to lower the water in a canal, in order to access Gamall's Lair.