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T2 M6 map PAGE005
Catacombs and basement
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1st floor
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2nd floor
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3rd floor
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The Eastport Mechanist Seminary was once a cathedral build by the Order of the Hammer and is located in the district of Eastport. The facility was build over the old Hammerite complex by the Mechanist Order. Most changes where done to the cathedral and the surrounding buildings and workshops. The graveyard and the catacombs however remained in their original shape.


The presence of the Mechanists, and probably the experiments done there, have stirred up some Haunts in the catacombs. Two have awakened, and took a few Mechanists. The catacombs are sealed off, though one of Karras' Safe Deposit Box Key can be down there. At the nearby graveyard, a Haunt can be heard, but not seen.

However, Garretts map does label the catacombs as "Danger!" Either the catacombs have been haunted before, or else he had heard of the Mechanists who were killed.

The seminary consists of the following structures:

  • Accolyte's Quarters
  • Graveyard
  • Guard Barracks
  • Hammerite Cathedral
  • Meeting Hall
  • Old Catacombs and Crypts
  • Servant Laboratory
  • Storage Shed
  • Workshop


The old Hammerite Cathedral
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Catacombs beneath the cathedral
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Cathedral's nave
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Servant laboratory
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Old Hammerite graveyard
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