Elemental Cocoons are strange doorways found in Pagan Camps in TDS. They have the appearance of a gothic archway made of two huge white tusks, each with two coloured orbs tied to the inside of the curve. Elemental arrows (gas, fire, water, and moss) passing through them will disappear in a flurry of green light rays, increasing Garrett's faction status with the Pagans. Although the arrow itself is gone, it is still able to effect objects near enough to the point of entry. A fire arrow, for example, should not be sent into an elemental cocoon if a Pagan is standing near the other end, as it might unexpectedly explode.


Docks Sanctuary Cocoon

Despite what Dyan tells him, Garrett is not limited to one shot of each element per day.[1] Any elemental arrow shot into the cocoon will raise his faction status, regardless of how many of these arrows were used already.

Where to find themEdit

There are only two elemental cocoons:


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