V. Elliot was Patient/Case No. 8, at the Shalebridge Cradle, under the care of Doctor Sandbridge. She was a dancer who murdered her husband, though it was the late-husband's family that admitted her to the Cradle. The family said that they wanted her there to avoid scandal of the trial and that she is not fit for public appearances. Sandbridge recommended no glass or mirrors in her cell. She was allowed supervised monthly dance recitals for the children, in all places, the Lobotomy Theater. She would dance to the music from a Mechanist viktrola.[1] During one of Doctor Hanscomb's experiments, she was left alone, and almost "lost" in the treatment room. The staff took care of her better due to her being from a wealthy family.[2]


The Mechanist viktrola is a writing continuity error.[3]


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