Description: A Letter from Lady Eleanor Warwick to Lady Elizabeth

Location: In Lady Elizabeth's chamber, on the bed.

CAScliveletter location

Dearest Lizzy, May I still call you that? I remember it from when you were just a child.  I am writing to see if you know

of any tincture to help our poor afflicted Clive.  He is wasting away, barely speaking or moving, staring at a piece of

treasure from his last excursion.  The doctors are of no help, and I fear the worst.   Little as I wish to, I must beg

your help.  If not for yourself, do it for Lord Ember, Clive's dear friend, and your, dare I say, betrothed? Or for the

memory of your dear mother, whom I do remember fondly. 

Yours, Lady Eleanor Warwick


Description: Cook's Journal

Location: On a small table in the cook's chamber

CAScookjournal location

My errand in the city is done, but it's for nothing - Julian's medallion has been stolen!  If Julian is

fool enough to come now, I'll still open the side entrance for him, but I fear the outcome.  He'll try to take Ember's

medallion, and there'll be blood for sure.  If Julian had treated me better, I'd have told him about the new portcullis 

protecting the vault, and the switch that opens it in Lord Ember's chamber. But I cannot carry on this farce of serving

two masters.  One way or another, the two dogs are going to fight this out, the scared poodle and the whipped cur.

I only hope my part in this is never discovered.  If it is, I'll say I never told Julian about the portcullis.  Maybe

that'll be enough.


Description: Lady Elizabeth's Journal, page 52'

Location: Elizabeth's chamber, book case

CASelizabethjournal location

This house is not safe for me - my spy tells me Julian is planning a bloody return.

I spend my evenings in the city to avoid this, but still I go armed day and night with blade and venom.  If necessary

I can flee at a moment's notice, with the little treasure I acquired from the armory.  Until then, I have this sham

marriage to make with a sham husband - I care not which of them it is now, the arsenic will do for either.  Ember touched

me again today - just on the hand, but it was horrible.  Interesting letter from Lady Warwick.  Ember's suffering must

be exquisite.  Watching his only friend slowly waste away to nothing - better than any poison I could deliver.


Description: Lord Ember's Journal

Location: Lord Ember's reading room, on the table

CASemberjournal location

The Opal is what's important.  Julian will stop at nothing to take it from me, and I cannot become 

complacent.  Even if he subverts the guards, they cannot get by the new portcullis - I alone control the switch, here by

my desk, where I am safe. This castle is rotten with conspiracy.  Were it not for dear Elizabeth I'm sure I would lose my

mind.  Even the portrait of Mortimer the Mad stares down at me from the stairwell balcony as if to name me unworthy of the

Opal (those eyes! surely Arlek was the greatest of the Old Masters).  I ought to guard it more carefully - it's worth all

the other paintings combined. So quiet here tonight.  Since Lord Warwick died there's no one left to talk to.  My only 

friend!  Why did you waste away staring at that abominable cursed stone!  I'm certain there was some witchery involved. 

I hear they have donated it to the Wieldstrom Museum, and good riddance.


Description: Letter from Nestor to Benwick

Location: On the table in the westernmost room in the castle front.

CASevilnote1 location

Benwick -  Ill news from the city - the medallion's missing!  Julian cries treason, of course.  Which of the cousins could

have done it?  Nestor PS: If it's you, tell me, and I am with you.  It was cleverly done.



Location: Unused! It does not appear in the game.

At dinner tonight, if I wear my green gloves, do nothing.  If I wear the red gloves, and hold the goblet 

with my right hand, then send payment.  If the left hand, release the hawks.  All of them.


Description: A letter from Bertram to Nestor.

Location: In a small room above the gallery.

CASevilnote3 location

Nestor - I've had the sergeant-at-arms sacked...again! The gilded helm you won at the Summersday tourney has 

gone missing. Did Julian take it?  It's worth quite a bit, sentimental value aside. 



Description: A perplexed letter from Bertram to Benwick.

Location: Unused! It does not appear in the game.

Benwick Julian's medallion is gone.  Why would Ember steal it, and then construct a second lock?  But if 

Ember didn't steal it, who did? What does he know?



Description: Captain William's Note

Location: Gangway to the outer courtyard

CASguardnotice location

All Guards Take Note! A portcullis has been installed in the basement, in front of the Rutherford vault, 

as added protection for the Bloodline Opal.  Only Lord Ember has the ability to open the portcullis. Lord Ember expects his 

cousin Julian to try for the gem soon.  Be on watch for anything suspicious.

Captain Williams


Description: Portrait Of Lord Mortimer Rutherford

Location: The big tribune in the gallery, 2nd floor.

CASplaque location

Lord Mortimer Rutherford the Mad

Painted by Master Arlek


Description: Lady Elizabeth's List Of Poisons

Location: Lady Elizabeth's chamber, on the book case

CASpoisons location

Personal stores arsenic - sufficient
atropine - sufficient
belladonna - gone stale
cyanide - sufficient
hemlock - running low
jimsonweed - require new source


Description: Letter from Cousin C.

Location: In the small room West of the front gate.

CASportcullisletter location

Cousin- Ember's efforts to protect the Opal go beyond reasoning. He's installed a new portcullis in the cellar, in

front of the vault door.  As for the mechanism that controls it - my men have searched everywhere with no results.  

Everywhere but Ember's own chambers, that is.  If you find out anything - let me know.  Ember readies himself for Julian's 

return.  He keeps his Rutherford Medallion always nearby, and not just because of its value in gold.  Lady Elizabeth must 

have sensed what is coming.  I'm sure you've noted her absence as well?  As for us - we must play to whomever is the 

victor.  Our time will come.  Above all, beware.

Cousin C.

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