DromEd Object Model expcharg

Cost: No (cannot be purchased at the shop)


  • Explosive Weapon
  • 24+ points of damage directly above the explosion
  • Descending to 10 points of damage at 19.39 DromEd Units away from the explosion and less further away


  • Breaking open locked doors
  • Dealing large amounts of damage to non-fire based entities
  • Blowing explosive barrels
  • Distracting characters

Tactical InformationEdit

The Explosive Charge is a child of Hammerite Engineering, or an intrepid Astronomer, and is normally a very rare piece of equipment (it can be constructed in Soulforge Cathedral).

This item only appears in three places; In the Astronomer's Workshop in the level Life of the Party, in the armory in Return to the Cathedral, and in Sabotage at Soulforge.

Its main purpose is to blow open any locked door (especially if there is no key for it). Just place the charge next to a locked door and shoot it with a Fire Arrow. Note that any broadhead arrow attack, or even a direct sword attack cannot detonate the charge.

When the charge is hit by a Fire Arrow, it blows up making a huge explosion. The explosion is powerful enough to break any breakable door or glass in the area and damage any character unfortunate enough to be close to the explosion. When aiming at the charge, know that the blast area is much bigger than the blast area of the Fire Arrow or the Mine. When firing at the Charge, make sure there is adequate cover.


BLUEPRINTS: Explosive Charge

Obtain a Iron Chassis, a Bantam Node, and a canister of Quicklime Mixture.

Process the Iron Chassis and the Quicklime Mixture with the Amalgamating Machine in

Factory Bay B. A Mine Bulb will be manufactured.

Merge the Mine Bulb and the Bantam Node with the Sealing Machine in Factory Bay D.

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