Title: 4th Planet

Author: the Independent Thief, NightRanger

FM for: T2

File Name: 4thplanetv5

Initial Release: 7 November, 2009

Latest Release: 11 November, 2009

Language: English
Incomplete Info:No
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4th Planet

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Readme FileEdit

*This mission uses custom scripts!*
Author                 :  The Independent Thief (NightRanger)
Contact Info           :  Shoot me a PM on the Weary Taffer Forums/TTLG! 
Date of Release        :  Nov 2009
Title & Description    :  4th Planet (a high tech T2 FM)
Briefing(s)            :  No
Cutscene               :  No

* Playing Information *

Game                    : Thief 2 TMA
Mission Title           : 4th Planet
File Name               : Miss 24
Difficulty Settings     : yes
Equipment Store         : no
Map                     : No
Auto Map                : No
new objects             : yes
New Graphics            : Yes
New Sounds              : yes
Multi-Language Support  : No
EAX Support             : No
Briefing(s)             : no

You are Friend Anna, a courageous and dedicated Friend of the Mechanist Order, after
many adventures she has a new assignment-on another world!


BG Taffer for his inspiring mission Walking on Mars, I just took 
(stole) his concept and ran with it! ;) 

Textures and lots of inspriation by Cardia1
Various textures from UT, Q3, SS2 and other games
Objects by RSoul, Christine, Watcher, Glen, Gort, Dhin, Sluggs
Greenhorn, Dark Assassin, Targa, Nielsen74, Tkbonko, 
Cosas Project, Ar-Zimrathon, OttoJ55 
Mace by Althalus
Windows and inspiration by SlipTip
Script instruction by OttoJ55
Much technical assistance by Yandros
Great sound work from Yandros MOA mission!
SS2 objects, eggs from DP II
Voices by Nightwalker, Lizanneh, Yandros
Custom Scripts GayleSlayer and Tellimand
Music from Alien and System Shock 2
Sounds from DEDX package
Motion database from GORT's mission Rebellion of the Builder
Microscope from ArcaniacGraphicsPack for SS2
Coronas by Eshaktaar
Music from Alien

Alpha Testing:


Beta Testing:


Special Notes:
1. Early in the mission you are addressed by some fellow Mechanists, wait until
they are done speaking before proceeding-while you can run off, you might break
the chain of events and prevent yourself from proceeding.

2. While you don't have a light gem, common sense and observation should show
you where you can go to stay hidden-being a Mechanist trooper doesn't make you 
invincible as Garrett himself has demonstrated so often-so don't engage unless
it's to your advantage.

3. When you are outside, you might try some mountain climbing-but don't cry if
you end up crashing!


* Copyright Information *

Distribution of this level is allowed as long as it is free and the package 
is kept intact. You may not include this level to any map pack without my 

This level was not made and is not supported by the Late Looking Glass Studios
or Eidos Interactive.

OR put the readme on a subpage: FM:T2_4th_Planet_-_the_Independent_Thief/readme

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