Title: A Night's Profit

Author: intruder

FM for: T2

File Name:

Initial Release: Error: Invalid time.[[Category:FM_Error: Invalid time.]]

Latest Release: 9 July, 2017

Language: English, German
Incomplete Info:No
Contest:Summer Vacation 2010 Contest
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Part of the Summer Vacation 2010 Contest

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TTLG thread

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FM:T2 A Night's Profit - intruder/walkthrough

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FM:T2 A Night's Profit - intruder/lootlist

Readme FileEdit


Title                   : A Night's Profit ("Geschäfte in Eastport")
Filename                :
Author                  : intruder (Steffen Lehnert)
Contact info            :
Date of Release         : 15.07.2010 (v1.1.), 08.07.2010 (v1.0)
Version                 : 1.1
Description             : A dock-themed FM aimed for the Summer Vacation Contest 2010
Notes                   : A complete lootlist is included in the archive (made by ffox)


* Important Note *

If you play with an unpatched version of Thief 2 or with outdated original scripts, some parts of
this mission will not (!) work properly. When you insert a document into the copy machine and nothing
seems to happen after 5 seconds, you'll know that your scripts are either outdated or corrupt.

If this is the case, simple copy the "gen.osm"-file from this zip-archive into your Thief 2 
installation folder and replace the existing "gen.osm"-file. The properly updated file can be found
in this archive, in a folder called "Updated Script".


* Playing Information *

Game                    : Thief 2: The Metal Age

Level Names             : A Night's Profit
File Name               : miss28.mis
Difficulty Settings     : Normal, Hard and Expert with different objectives and gear
Equipment Store         : Yes
Map                     : Yes
Automap                 : No
New Graphics            : No
New Objects             : Yes
New Sounds              : Yes
EAX Support             : No
Multi-Language Support  : English, German
Briefing                : No
Known bugs              : None

* Construction *

Base            : From Scratch
Build Time      : 16.04.2010 - 30.06.2010


* Story *

Things have changed since my last "visit" to Rampone's warehouses in the docks. It seems like the
Rampone brothers have split up and each of them is running his own business now.
Jason Rampone founded a new shipping company and built his own warehouse in the docks near
Eastport. His older brother is still in charge of their company in the Wayside docks though.

Jason's new warehouse is reported to be smaller than the old one, but it is suspected to be
heavily guarded and more secure. My contact hired an apartment near the docks for me and I
was able to observe the facility for several nights.

This looks like a promising opportunity for the future and tonight I'll have my first exploratory
walk. Only little is known about the duty rosters and the internal structure of the building, so
gathering this information is vital for future operations. There should be a map and notes on the
current shipping schedule somewhere in that building and I'm going to take a copy with me
- for me and my contact, Marcus.

Along the way, I'll pick up a few souvenirs for the local pawn shops which should make all this
even more worthwhile for me.


* Loading Information *

Darkloader ready. Do not unzip -- Place in fan mission folder and install using
Darkloader 4.2 or later.


* Special Thanks *

Beta Testers
* blackmen
* bob_doe_nz
* Dawggon
* Dussander
* ffox
* nightshifter
* PotatoGuy
* SneakyJack
* Tannar


* Additional Copyright Information *

This FM uses the following scripts, objects and sounds:

== Scripts ==

* tnhScript by Tom N Harris
* NVScript by NamelessVoice

== Objects ==

* Nielson74 (4x4SecretDoor)
* greenhorn (seagull)

== Sounds ==

* music from Thief 1
* soundeffects from Thief 1
* seagull-sounds taken from


* Copyright Information *

This Fanmission is (c) by intruder (Steffen Lehnert) 2010

Distribution of this level is allowed as long as it is free and the package is
kept intact. You may not include this level in any map pack without my permission.
No one may edit and re-distribute this mission without my express permission.

This level was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios, Eidos Interactive,
or Ion Storm.

OR put the readme on a subpage: FM:T2 A Night's Profit - intruder/readme

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