A Special Delivery has a total of 2315 loot in this mission where 460 is jewels, 330 is in goods and 1525 is in gold.

Item Values* General Location Further Description
A purse 0/0/50 Alleyway Guard
A golden vase 0/0/75 Bar bedroom Bedside table
A purse 0/0/50 Bar bedroom Table
Coins 0/0/60 Bar Under the counter
2 purses 0/0/75 Bar Under the counter
2 wine bottles 0/220/0 Bar Vinotheque
A purse 150/0/0 Ventilation shaft Skeleton's hand
2 statues 0/0/300 Inaccessible storage room Via upper factory doorway
A purse 0/0/50 Warehouse factory floor Guard
A purse 0/0/50 Warehouse corridor Guard
2 golden vases 0/0/150 Vase storage room Shelf
A trophy 0/0/250 Flasks storage room Shelf near chest
2 lion statues 0/0/350 Flasks storage room Chest
2 purses 150/0/50 Guards break room Bench
A ring 60/0/0 Warehouse office Timber shelf
An amulet 100/0/0 Warehouse office In chest
A gold goblet 0/0/15 Alleyway Balcony handrail
A wine bottle 0/110/0 Alleyway Balcony handrail

* Jewels/Goods/Gold

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