Lord Dufford's has a total of 5816 loot in this mission where 475 is jewels, 1525 is in goods and 3416 is in gold.

Item Values* General Location Further Description
Coins 0/0/5 Sewer 2 Below well
Coins 0/0/6 Bathroom 2 Table
Coins 0/0/3 Bathroom 3 Table
Golden chalice 0/0/50 Officer room Bedside table
5 wine bottles 0/175/0 Officer room Chest
Coin 0/0/1 Guardhouse Bedside table
A gem 15/0/0 Guardhouse Footlocker
A golden candlestick


Guardhouse Footlocker
A ring 60/0/0 Female staff bedroom Footlocker
A purse 0/0/50 Stables Loft behind hay


Stables Loft behind hay
A Painting 0/325/0 Great hall Left of throne
2 golden candlesticks 0/0/80 Great hall Right of throne
Coins 0/0/7 Great hall Hidden passage
Porcelain bowl 0/10/0 Great hall Hidden passage
A purse 0/0/25 Great hall Hidden passage
A painting 0/225/0 Guest rooms First bedroom
Coins 0/0/5 Guest rooms First bath
A painting 0/325/0 Guest rooms Second bedroom
An amulet 100/0/0 Guest rooms Third bedroom
A painting 0/425/0 Guest rooms Third bedroom
Coins 0/0/19 Guest library Top of bookshelf
Emeralds 300/0/0 Vault Vault 2
A golden trophy 0/0/75 Vault Vault 3
A golden lion 0/0/175 Vault Vault 4
A sceptre 0/0/50 Vault Vault 5
2 golden plates 0/0/70 Vault Vault 6
A golden bracelet 0/0/85 Vault Vault 7
4 porcelain bowls 0/40/0 Vault Vault 8
A golden candlestick 0/0/40 Vault Vault 9
Dragon gold 0/0/2500 Lower vault Golden box

* Jewels/Goods/Gold

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