There are 10 bottles, and 6 of them are in very close proximity to the six generators around the map (so if you hear a generator, look for a bottle!). Here they are in the earliest order you could possibly reach each bottle:

  1. in the beginning area, by the stairs leading up out of the interior
  2. tucked in the generator at the top of the spinning spiral stairs
  3. behind the generator on the other side of the long barrel roll
  4. on the left side of the elevator bars
  5. underneath the super-launcher seat
  6. tucked in the support beams of the high platform (grab from upper nail)
  7. sitting on the side of the generator running the big rotating wheel
  8. half-way up the skinny stairs (before the rope arrows)
  9. on the back corner of the platform with the crown level launcher seat
  10. way way down on the below-the-swing platform (need two rope arrows to reach)

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