This walkthrough takes you through all of the clues, keys, objectives and secrets of the mission. While it's possible to ghost through without any weapons, I'll leave it up to you to decide whether you want to blackjack or gas people, or use water arrows on certain torches.

Objective: Steal the Heart of Lone Salvation

Objective: Find info about the Heart

Objective: Find Edrige's evidence book

Use barrel to scale the wall

Enter water tunnel via access hatch

Two possible exits are the access hatch up to the bathroom, and the stairs to the yard.

Key: Cellar yard key hanging near stairs to the yard

<Start Optional Section>

Out to yard and across to gate house

You may find it easier to handle the parapet if you take out the torch that's up there

Key: Cellar yard key on archer with lamp

Cross parapet using dark area, and get through the Western door

See note by door about hidden prize

Clue: Archery prize is hidden somewhere

Go down stairs and take out torch, then cross to gate room

Turn off outside lights and open gate

Key: Hink's footlocker key

Head back upstairs to note by door

Cross the parapet to guard's barracks

Clue: Faff's wine in the garden

Rope arrow up to target above door (aim for top of target)

Secret #1: Trophy above target

Non-secret #1: Arrow stuck in light tower (warning: you will get a little hurt)

From target roof, hop down on to wall and travel North back to building

Get up to gargoyle and across to light tower

There you'll see an arrow fired by bored guards as target practice

Down to the yard and back to the cellar doors

<End Optional Section>

Stack three boxes up to ceiling hatch

Through hatch and bathrooms to corridor

Pickpocket when viable from one of the passing guards

Head west up corridor to weapons room

Read note on wall

If you'll want them, you can take some gas arrows and water arrows from here

Carry on up corridor to barracks

Key: Footlocker key in lock

Key: Master footlocker key on guard

Clue: Bladesmith hid wine somewhere

Clue: Paintings are hidden somewhere

Clue: Food hatch can be squeezed through

Clue: Hatch key is in Lord's room

Further west is the mess hall

Around the corner are the servents quarters

Clue: Library has a secret room

Clue: Should stand on chair near table to reach secret level

Clue: Chambermaid has key to locked door at corridor corner (spiral stairway)

Clue: Someone is locked away

Key: Ruth's footlocker key under pillow

Ruth's key doesn't work, but you can still use the Master footlocker key, or you can pick the lock.

Did Emma get upset at Ruth's bad attitude and change her key to get revenge? We won't know.

BJ kitchen guy, stash body in vinotheque corner

Clue: Garden key is lost somewhere in kitchen

Key: Garden key on window sill near fire

Secret #2: Garden key

Cross corridor to kitchen storage

Further north is Housekeeper room, but no key yet.

North corridor to lounge

Objective complete: Book of rogues

Wait for nobleman to arrive

Pickpocket (from coffee table) purse from nobleman

Exit lounge to stairway

Wait for hallway guards to leave and turn off chandeliers

Climb one of the hung lights to the ceiling

Lean forward (default F key) to reach gems on central hall light

Secret #3: Gems around central hall light

When guards leave, use moss by entrance door to get golden lions

Secret #4: Lions above front door (Moss helps here)

Climb the stairs and head East to Lord John's bedroom

Clue: Lady Helena's has a ceremonial dagger

Clue: Housekeeper has incriminating evidence

Key: An old lock key

We'll go further down the Western corridor later

Return back to the hall stairs and take the other turn to Lady Helena's bedchamber

Clue: Ring lost during banquet

Clue: Eleanor has a diamond necklace

Clue: Eleanor unable to be disturbed due to sleeping draught

Head back to the hall and down the stairs to the right

The banquet hall is accessed under the stairway

BJ the man sitting at the table and push him under it

Secret #5: Lady Helena's ring on statue plinth

Take corridor between banquet room and kitchen

The blocked passage is to the garden

Clear junk from doorway, quietly, and exit to garden

Secret #6: Chest of wine in the garden

Key: Garden key in chest

Climb ivy up to open window of Lady Helena's suite

Secret #7: Helena's bust reveals ceremonial dagger

Note: From Agnes about Martha

Take south door to chambermaid's room

Key: Spiral stairs key

Key: Chapel key

Clue: Andrew gains secret entry to another room

Clue: Church key is hidden in chambermaid's room

Return to Lady's chamber and go through bathroom to unlock door to the hall

Carry on down past the Lord's room to the East corridor

The guard here can be pickpocketed

Andrew's room is first on the right

Key: Andrew's wood chest key

Key: Andrew's metal chest key

Clue: Andrew gets to Eleanor's via Conrad's vent

Secret #8: Candlestick reveals banner

Non-secret #2: Wardrobe pots contain wine & loot

In to Conrad's room

Secret #9: Vent above wardrobe through to Elenor's room

Key: Eleanor's room key

Eleanor is affected by the sleeping draught, so won't be disturbed

Key: Eleanor's chest key (around neck)

South end of corridor is the display room

Key: Balcony key

Out to balcony and unlock door

Near the bottom of the stairs is a window you can go through

Re-enter the building to the stores area

Take the South corridor to the West end then head North to chapel door

Secret #10: Vase behind fabric

Clue: Healing potion is for Martha

Head back to Southwest corner of the corridor and open spiral staircase door

Up to top, move barrel away from the old lock on the food hatch

Unlock the food hatch and go through

New objective: Find something holy to give to Martha

New objective: Find evidence to incriminate Edridge

Secret #11: Stolen painting

Objective complete: Leave the holy healing potion in her cell

Take Martha's diary

Clue: Secret way out of cell

Remove sleeping pad the baled up package from the removable tile that's underneath

Remove the tile and go down to disused room

Key: Disused room key

Enter the library

Key: desk key on Wickish

Key: Spare library key in desk

Book for secret room is Northeast of table. Stand on chair to reach it.

Key: Housekeeper key

Objective complete: Take book about the Heart

Clue: Intense red light required to open petals to Heart

Clue: The Heart gives salvation

Clue: The Heart is destroyed by pure water

Clue: Key to interrogation room is with the Heart

Clue: Agnes is dead, meaning that Lord Edrige has pretended to be Agnes to quieten Helena

Objective: Find out how Sam died

Objective: Destroy the Heart

Leave library and cross corridor to office

Key: Cashbox key in desk

The Office bureau has a secret panel

Key: Spiral stair key

Clue: Strange goings on in Pump room

Clue: Pure water is drawn up for Lady Helena

Clue: Housekeeper has Pump room key

The housekeeper's room is near the kitchen store room

Objective complete: The book with evidence is on her writing desk

Clue: Housekeeper has a love letter that she knows is insincere

Key: Master footlocker key

Key: Master bedroom key

Key: Garden keys

Key: Pump room key

Secret #12: Love letter behind bed

Head to the pump room, which is along the Western corridor

Clue: Something is behind loose stones at end of pump room

Clue: Key is hidden under crates

Clue: Foundations are source of pure spring water

Move crates to find floor panel and the maintenance hatch

Key: Maintenance hatch key

Enter the maintenance hatch and remove loose stones - push them down.

The spider is almost invulnerable until you own the Heart - though it can be crushed

using one of the loose stone, standing on the barrel.

Clue: The motor control has a message saying the door control is high up

Go towards the blocked-off door, and then up the stairs near the cage

Shift the lever above the cage

Enter cage and activate that lever

Climb on top of lens above the heart

Use a slow match to ignite the red powder

Objective complete: Take the Heart

Clue: Your friend Sam owns the heart and is in the Interrogation room

Key: Interrogation room key in cabinet below the Heart

Exit via where Heart used to be on wall

Interrogation room is down the left hallway

Secret #13: Bag of gold under torture chair

Ignore the man in cage, he's Bladesmith who took the wine

Above the chain is a lever. Pile stuff up to lever and pull

When block rises, go down to find Sam

New objective: take Sam to church

Activate Heart for your salvation

Drag Sam down corridors

When you get to a vertically moving block, lift Sam onto your shoulders

Key: Old storeroom

Objective complete: Get Sam to the church

Go down to well in cellar

Travel to end of water channel

Objective complete: Release the Heart