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The Notes by Nammon's Remains

These are the desultory notes that Felix gave to Cutty before leaving in search of the Horn of Quintus. They include some brief hints regarding the horn and, more importantly, a map of the Bonehoard.[1] Cutty was arrested by the Hammerites, however, and the notes were confiscated and placed in the evidence box on the top level of Cragscleft. At some point before the TDP/TG mission "Break From Cragscleft Prison", the jackablade, Nammon, stole them and fled into the sewer vaults below the entrance to cell blocks 3 and 4.[2]


TG B04 02

Felix's Map of the Bonehoard

Cutty, I gots me a big one, I does. The Horn of Quintus, Cutty. I

can be paying off some debts with this one, believe you me!

I gots me a map, drawn by some dead old bugger, which shows a way in. I

knows it's down there, in the Bonehoard, just like they always said. They

say what that the dead walk down there, but ah, it's worth the risk now,

ain't it? The way I hears it, the sound of the Horn echoing will lead me right

to the thing.

I'm leaving you a copy of the map, in case anything happens to me down there.

But more's the chance that I'll see you topside, making a toast with the finest

wine to be had. See you then!


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