Fire Elemental
Fire elementals patrol
Flees at

Primary Attack
Fire Bolt
Secondary Attack

  • attacks all non-elemental beings, including other enemies
  • extremely vulnerable to water attacks
  • immune to fire-based attacks
  • cannot be knocked out
  • disappears when killed
Appears in
Model name (DromEd/T3Ed)

Fire Elementals are magical beings entirely composed of fire, simply described as flying fireballs. They inhabit subterranean areas, often near lava pools, most notably in The Lost City. Most elemental beings require a skilful mage of the respective elemental school, in order to be summoned. Fire Elementals are unique because they are the only elemental entity to appear naturally, without magical intervention (see Air Elemental). They are quite rare and tend to inhabit areas far away from humans. As all elementals, they show a very limited level of consciousness. Fire Elementals wander the areas they populate and only react aggressively to any non-elemental or non-beast being in their vicinity, which can include everything from Humans to Burricks.

In the aggravated state, a fire elemental can re-light torches in proximity to it.

DromEd elementals

A Fire Elemental (right) next to an Air Elemental


The Fire Elementals are one of the few amorphous enemies. This makes it difficult to understand which way they are facing and when to sneak past them. A simple rule in this matter is that they are facing the direction they are moving, so the best time to sneak is when they are moving away. They leave short smoke trails behind them, indicating their direction. When they notice a danger, they illuminate themselves even brighter than normal, which shows they are alerted and aggressive. In this state, very much like the Fire Shadow, Garrett will take damage from the heat. Their normal attack is a small and fast fire projectile, which they shoot from their bodies. If the projectile hits directly, it will cause five points of damage. That makes two shots enough to kill on Expert Difficulty.

When facing this foe, first know which attacks are useless. Fire Elementals are immune to their own element, which means that any Explosive Weapon won't harm them. Knock-out gas doesn't render them unconscious, but it damages them rather ineffectively (around 3 gas arrows to kill one). The Burrick's gas does the same. They can't be blinded with Flash Bombs. Any swords or regular arrows like the Broadhead Arrow or Rope Arrow can hurt them, but are not very effective, unless if it is a Backstab. The Fire Elementals have a dreadful reputation with their appearance and resistance to many weapons, but it cannot obscure their major weakness towards water attacks. It takes only one accurate Water Arrow to dismiss a Fire Elemental, making Water Arrows the main choice when facing these entities. They cannot be knocked unconscious with the blackjack. Keep the following in mind when confronting fire elementals:

  • Water Arrows – takes only one to finish a Fire Elemental
  • Gas Arrows – a second option since it takes a few to kill a Fire Elemental
  • Backstab - kills a Fire Elemental with one swing


Thief: The Dark Project/Thief GoldEdit


  • In "Escape!" Fire Elementals are not aggressive to Ape Beasts and Bugbeasts, but they can be distracted by using a Noisemaker or a Broadhead Arrow. While searching in the same place those beasts may occasionally touch a Fire Elemental and take damage or even die.