-- Fish again. If only mutton would keep on our voyages....
  — Captain's Log -- Cetus Amicus

Fishes in Thief - Deadly Shadows

Fishes in Thief: Deadly Shadows

T2 B14 01

A Koi; Briefing of Precious Cargo

Fish is the general name for any aquatic craniate animal which lack limbs with digits, and have gills. Fish are known to preserve well via freezing.

First mentioned in Thief Gold[1], Fish are fairly rarely encountered in the games. The first real appearance of fish was Thief II: The Metal Age, where they have appeared as frozen foods, which cannot be picked up, in locations like in the "winter" chamber of Viktoria's Maw of Chaos as well as the freezer building on Markham's Isle. The briefing for Precious Cargo depicts a different kind of Fish, appearing to be a Koi cod.

In the South Quarter Pagan Sanctuary, in Thief: Deadly Shadows, dead fish return and can now be picked up, but as a with other food items, it is not edible for Garrett.

References to fish are also rare; one of the T2 briefing images shows a giant koi in a pond or stream and Old Eli speaks of gutting a mackerel.[2] One also appears in the sign for the Blue Heron Inn.


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