Cost: 175 gold in T2 (the cost of the flash mine is designated in DromEd, this item is not present in T1/TG/T3)

Attack: No


  • blinding characters for 6-7 seconds in T2
  • setting traps at key locations

Tactical InformationEdit

If the regular Mine is described as a static Fire Arrow, then these are the static equivalent of the Flash Bomb. Like other throwing items, the Flash Mines are thrown to the ground when used. When they touch the floor, they activate. After that it is all a matter of whether someone walks over them or close enough to trigger them. If a mine is triggered it reproduces the same flash of bright light as the Flash Bombs. It temporarily blinds everyone nearby who's looking towards the explosion. Then, all blinded souls will concentrate on regaining their eyesight for a few moments, unable to react to anything, offering the chance of either sneaking by or blackjacking them. The Flash Mines have the same tendency as regular Mines to slide when thrown to the ground, causing noise, making their good placement difficult. To overcome this try placing the mines from a more vertical angle, or dropping them with default 'R'.



Obtain an Iron Chassis, a canister of Acidic Mixture, and a canister of Quicklime Mixture.

Process the Quicklime Mixture and the Acidic Mixture with the Amalgamating Machine

in Factory Bay B. A canister of Flare Mixture will be manufactured.

Process the Flare Mixture and the Iron Chassis using the Amalgamating Machine in Factory Bay B.

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