A gold smithery in Auldale, located in the plaza. It has been closed down by Jimmy the Knife,[1] due to a recent dispute with the owner, Samuel Fogerty.[2][3]

When first encountered, the smithery door had been boarded up by Jimmy who was blackmailing Fogerty with the information regarding the fake golden items he had sold over the years. Jimmy also kept Fogerty under watch and was threatening to kill him if he tried to reopen his store. The store can be reopened as soon as Jimmy the Knife is killed.[4] [5]

There is a secret entrance into the shop, reachable from the other side of the canal, either by climbing across the north wall or by climbing up from the canal as soon as the water level is low (using the wheel in the pump house).

Garrett can sneak inside and steal the remaining merchandise, including Samuels The Grimalkin Tabby.[6] This will cause the shop to go out of business. [7]




Fogshop front

The Shop Front

Fogshop side

Side Passage

Fogshop back

The Back Room


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