Description: Inscription on Alfred Hurley's gravestone


OQalfredgrave Location

Alfred Hurley

Beloved brother of Alyssa, a devout citizen and pious woman who dost attend services most regular. May the Builder find

a place in his House for him.


Description: Inscription on Alyssa Hurley's gravestone


OQalyssagrave Location

Alyssa Hurley

Here lies a pious woman, killed most wrongly in the prime of life. May the Builder welcome her into the House he hast


Description: Inscription on Moresy Blander's gravestone


OQarchitectgrave Location



May His Troubles Be Over


Description: A letter from Brother Archibald to Brother Severence

Location: On table near podium.

OQburiedseedletter Location

Brother Severence - 'Tis gone from bad to worse! We managed to bury the body - finally! But the graveyard hast become

quite o'ergrown with plants of all types. No manner of ax nor blade can halt their unnatural growth. We fear 'tis

Pagan magics. But we know not how they accomplished it! Do please advise us, if thou hast any idea how to proceed.

Most vexedly,

Brother Archibald


Description: Cataclysm Memorial inscription

Location: On a monument in the middle of the graveyard.

OQcataclysmplaq Location

The Cataclysm Memorial

In Memory of the Hundreds Lost in that Historic Catastrophe


Description: Sign towards the Catacombs


OQcatacombsign Location

This way to the Catacombs


Description: A letter from Brother Askew to Brother Herald


Brother Herald - It brings be naught but woe to write it, but the Procession of the Sacrosanct Cup must be canceled 

this season. Perhaps forever. For 'tis no use to proceed without the Builder's Chalice, so recently stolen from us.

I'm sure thou wilt agree. Later we must decide how to sort the worthy from the lesser. The absence of our holy relic 

weighs heavily upon us. May the Builder give us the strength to smite our foes. 

In sadness,

Brother Askew


Description: Inscription on Lady Olivia Bafford's gravestone


OQgravebafford Location

In memory of Lady Olivia Bafford

Sister to Lord Bafford

Beloved of Many


Description: Inscription on E. Dowerty's gravestone


OQgravebevenshire location

Here lies E. Dowerty

Died in his sleep


Description: Inscription on Ramirez's gravestone

Location: On the stairs between the upper and lower levels, catacombs.

OQgraveburricks Location


Loved his Burricks


Description: Inscription on a gravestone


OQgravecomstock location

Morter / Dalius / Comstock


Description: Inscription on Bernard Farkus gravestone

Location: Over an alcove at the bottom of the stairs, catacombs.

OQgravefarkus location

Here lies Bernard Farkus

Murdered in cold blood before his time

Beloved brother of Emily and Clive


Description: Inscription on Talia Ingram's gravestone


OQgraveingram location

Here lies the mortal remains of Talia Ingram


Description: Inscription on Penelope Oddbody's gravestone


OQgraveoddbody Location

Penelope Oddbody

May you find the peace in death that you never found in life


Description: Inscription on Samuel Quintus gravestone


OQgravequintus location

This is the grave of Samuel Quintus

Died in a brothel and brought shame to his family


Description: Hammerite note

Location: Above a shelf near the healing font, second floor.

OQholywater Location

Brethren - This water, blessed by the Builder, is for thy use. Tis the job of the novices to replenish thy supply

when it doth run low. Shouldst thou find it empty, speakst thou to Brother Kai, the Master of Novices.


Description: A note from Brother Archibald to all Hammerites

Location: Beside the door to the graveyard.

OQlockedsign Location

Attention! Zombies art about!

Keepeth this door closed and locked at all times!

Brother Archibald


Description: A letter from Brother Archibald to Brother Severence

Location: Table near podium.

OQzombieletter Location

Brother Severence - Twould be much appreciated if thou wouldst advise us on a matter that hast arisen here. A devout 

woman hast come to us and asked if her brother might be buried in our sacred burial ground. To this we readily agreed,

as the woman dost come to services every day. But, no sooner didst we attempt the burial, when a plague of undead 

didst set upon us! Twas so many that we didst retreat to the safety of the chapel.  After gathering forces anew, we 

smote the zombies – and right well! Yet each time we fell these putrid foes, a new wave of them dost arise from 

the ground. 'Tis a curse of some kind, to be sure. If thou hast some advice, then, I pray thee, bring it forth soon! 

Brother Archibald


Description: A letter from Brother Severence to Brother Archibald

Location: on bench near podium

OQzombieletter2 Location

Brother Archibald 

Thou didst right in contacting me. As for the woman and her departed sibling, 'tis unlikely they

art as pious as presented. For, to be sure, thou art sorely besieged with Trickster magics. There is no remedy, save

checking the area for any Pagan Shamans. Beware, these cursed purveyors of the Trickster's enchantments art dangerous

indeed. Only a Shaman wouldst have the power to have set upon thee the plague of undead thou hast suffered. I will

pray thee finds the offending Shaman soon, and bringest unto him most forcefully, the teachings of the Builder. 

Brother Severence

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