Basic InfoEdit


Cost: 200 gold

Attack: the Frogbeast causes around 10 points of damage at the center of detonation

Availability: T2 only, following the mission “Trail of Blood


  • dealing big amount of damage
  • distracting characters
  • setting traps at key locations

Tactical InformationEdit

In Thief II: The Metal Age, Frogbeasts can be used by Garrett as a thrown weapon. Eggs containing the creatures are smuggled into The City and available in shops shortly after the first meeting with Viktoria. They are used as any other throwing equipment; they are thrown to the ground like a grenade. Upon contact with the ground they crack, releasing the living Frogbeast inside. It takes a little time for the Frogbeast to gain coordination and start searching for the enemies of the one who released it. If the beast doesn't find any enemies around it will begin to hop around in a rather sluggish manner. If it finds an enemy it will begin to hop towards him in a faster pace, until it is either destroyed or it reaches its target and explodes. The Frogbeast has only one or two health points, so it is destroyed with any single successful attack, but it still explodes and deals damage. This means that even if someone hits it with his sword they will still take damage. Characters with the capability of ranged attack are more difficult to destroy with a Frogbeast Egg, since they can kill the beast from distance, before it gets to them. In both cases, however, the best option would be to release the beast either behind the enemies or right next to them. The Frogbeast that Garrett releases from an Egg won't attack him in any way and can only damage Garrett if it explodes near him.


  • Frogbeasts can be blackjacked.
  • In Thief II developer quotes, Kevin C. jokes, "Frog beast, I choose you!" This is a reference to the Pokémon games; Frogbeast eggs behave a little bit like Pokémon in Pokéballs.

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