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Gamall's Lair

Gamall's Lair is the mansion of the Hag, a powerful glyph magician, also known as the Hag due to her appearance and old age. It is a series of well-furnished cavern-like rooms which also have courtyards, facing the sky.

First explored in Thief: Deadly Shadows, as Garrett has to break into the lair to steal back the Builder's Chalice and Jacknall's Paw artifacts, in order to activate the the Final Glyph. In the library of the lair, the Glyph of Unbinding can be found, kept hidden away by the Hag due to its devastating effect on her Glyph Statues.

Breaking InEdit

The only entrance is below in the canal running through Auldale, near Auldale Plaza.

The canal can be drained by the Pump House, which was locked by Dyan's Pagan magic, growing creepers over the door, to keep her people from stumbling into the "abomination's" lair. Dyan, the pagan leader, has a magic amulet which can undo the enchantment, allowing Garrett to break into the Pump House and lower the level of the water blocking the Canal Hatch below.

The nearby pagan-overrun Auldale Public Gardens has a grate which drops into the canal system, and to exit, a man-hole ladder exists on the far end of the canals.



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