For details for the rest of the building, see Garrett's Building. For his old apartment, see Garrett's Apartment (Thief 2).


This is the South Quarter apartment Garrett moves to after the events occuring in T2. The three-room suite is hired out by Mr. Wicket who resides in the room across the hall.

The door opens onto a living room cluttered with nondescript sacks and bottles. In the corner beside the table is a peculiar raised platform which has no apparent purpose other than designating the location of the crystal-generating shrub which is the reward for activating all of the Pagan Cornerstones. A small storage closet on the right is strangely fitted with an electrical light, while the rest of the suite is lit by fireplace and candles.

At the opposite end of the living room is a modest bedroom. A lit candelabra stands precariously on a small crate which serves as a bedside table. On the dresser is a row of books which, ironically, appear to be "just for show". A doorway on the right leads to the practice room, which contains a swinging sackcloth dummy and an archery target. Practice locks purchased from black market shops appear on the far wall of this room (the basic lock is already installed).


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