TDS garrettsbuilding1

Garrett's Building

TDS load garrettsbuilding

Garrett's rented apartment

Garrett's Building is a small 2-floored cottage, which contains Garrett's rented apartment and 2 other smaller apartments rented by the City's civilians, apart from the room of the building Landlord, Z. Wicket. Located in the South Quarter, within the City, it contains few valuables due to its poor locality.

It makes its first appearance in Deadly Shadows and can be explored and looted like any other home within the City. The outside of the building is in a separate "load zone" as the inside floors, as is Garrett's apartment.

First FloorEdit

The First Floor includes 1 room, a hallway and the 3 other rooms. After entering the building through the front gate, the entrance room is visible on the first floor. A stairwell leads to the next floor.

TDS garrettsbuilding2

Building entrance room

TDS garrettsbuilding3

Stairwell leading to the main hall

There is a friendly guard on duty named Bob who patrols the main hallway. The other 2 rented apartments are accessible from two doors on the main hallway, at the end of which is a little room, or study, possibly for the guard. The landlord's room is behind a locked door, with a 6-stage lock installed although it can be easily broken into by Garrett using his Lock Picks. A stairwell opposite the landlord room door leads to Garrett's apartment, on the next floor.

TDS garrettsbuilding4

The main hall, the guard Bob visible

TDS garrettsbuilding5lord

The Landlord's locked room

TDS garrettsbuilding9guard

The guard's room at the end of the main hall

TDS garrettsbuilding6up

Stairwell leading to Garrett's apartment

Second FloorEdit

The Second Floor includes 4 rooms, all rented by Garrett, literally, his own floor. Immediately after entering past Garrett's main door, a living room is visible, which often includes a few Weapons scattered here and there. Past the bedroom is a Garrett's practice room. A practice lock can be purchase from a Blackmarket store, where the player can hone his Lock picking skills. A punching bag and target is also available for practicing Blackjacking and improving accuracy of firing Broadhead Arrows. Once shot to the wooden target or walls, the arrows can be picked up for reuse.

TDS garrettsbuilding7gmain

Garrett's living room

TDS garrettsbuilding7gbed

Garrett's bedroom

TDS garrettsbuilding8gprac

Garrett's practice room

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