Description: Story about The Hag

Location: In the noblewoman's apartment, last door on the left.

SQbedtimestory location

Henry and the Hag

Once there was a little boy named Henry who lived with his mother and father. Henry was good most of the time, but

sometimes he disobeyed his parents and went out wandering the streets alone at night.  He was hoping to find food for

his parents who often went hungry to make sure Henry had enough.  One night Henry came upon an old gray lady. 

She asked him to help with a bundle which was too heavy for her.  Henry wanted to help the old woman, though he couldn't

see her face under the gray hood.  When Henry stooped to lift the bundle, he did see her face.  It was the hag! When the

hag was done eating him, all that was left of Henry was a pile of bones and clothes.  When his parents found him the next

day, his mother wept, ‘Oh, if only he had listened to me, and not gone out alone at night!'

The End.


Description: Letter from Mr. Wicket to Bob

Location: On table at end of hall, if break-ins occur.

Bob, this is the 4th break-in you've failed to stop this month.  You even spotted the thief this time, but failed to catch

him, eh?  The tenants aren't going to stay here if we can't provide security.  In short, you're fired!  Gather your things

and get out. 

-Mr. Wicket


Description: Letter from Brother Wimble to Garrett

Location: On the table in Garrett's front room, after rust mite quest.

SQhammerreward SQpaganreward Location

Brother Drept tells me thou'rt doing the Builder's work for us against the rust mites. Therefore, as reward, 

we hath given thee new pipes here in thy quarters. Within them flow medicinal waters.  Enjoy this healing font,

thief, and mind you continue the good works. Remember...a few good deeds does not a holy man make. 

- Brother Wimble


Description: Journal of Z. Wicket

Location: On a table in Mr. Wicket's office.

SQlandlordjournal location

Finally got the rent money from Garrett, the tenant across the hall. Just in time, too.  But taff it all, these payments

are draining me dry! Why is he blackmailing me? I'm not a rich man. I put the rent money in with the other coins I've

managed to gather up, and deposited them as the blasted lowlife instructed, underneath an old sewer grate down in Black

Alley. I can't take much more, making payments every single day like this.


Description: Landlord sign

Location: Next to the door leading into Mr. Wicket's office.

SQlandlordsign location



Description: Letter from Shaman Singreen to Garrett

Location: On the table in Garrett's front room after cornerstone quest.

SQhammerreward SQpaganreward Location


Dyan bes having her visionings.

Says you bes doing wellsy for us Pagans - bes greening them cornerstoned for us.
She says we shoulds rewarding you now.

So here bes some more mossing arrows for you. User them wellsy.

- Shaman Singreen


Description: Letter from Perry to Garrett


G- I don't even need to ask. I know you made it into Rutherford Castle. And I know you made it out with the goods.

I'll be waiting in my shop in Black Alley.  Bring the Opal.  I'm sure we'll both make a nice profit on this one. 



Description: Letter from Edwina Moira to Garrett

Location: On a dresser at the far end of Garrett's apartment.

SQwidowthanks Location

Garrett - My men tell me you visited my home recently, and that you're quite a famous thief and a very dangerous man.

Yet, it seems I owe you a bit of thanks.  Now that I've had a few days of rest, I recall a kind stranger bringing me a

glass of wine.  That hooded stranger could only have been you.  Furthermore, after a thorough search, it is clear that

you did not take my inheritance.  I can't help but think they are wrong about you. There must be some kindness in you,

that you would leave me at least some of my fortune.  And so I send you this bottle of wine – a valuable vintage – as 

thanks.  May we meet again some day. Sincerely,
Edwina Moira