TDS gas bomb

A stealable Gas Bomb, in TDS

TDS loot gasbomb The Gas Bomb is a noxious explosive, that instantly knocks out nearby beings.

Availability: Thief: Deadly Shadows only

Cost: 375 gold

Maximum amount in inventory: 5


  • grenade that when thrown to the ground:
    • explodes into a large cloud of knock-out gas
    • knocks out (without killing) almost all human and many inhuman characters
    • in the nearby area
  • hurts Garrett if thrown too close to self

Tactical InformationEdit

This device was introduced in Thief: Deadly Shadows. The Gas Bomb is a Gas Arrow in grenade form. When thrown to the ground, it bursts into a toxic gas cloud upon impact, rendering anyone in proximity unconscious. This makes the Gas Bomb as useful as the Gas Arrow, but it holds a few advantages as well. The bombs can be thrown instantly, unlike the arrows which must be pulled at least to some extent before launched. They also tend to be precise tools for knocking out characters behind corners and have a larger radius of effect. But be wary, as the gas affects Garrett's health as well.