Basic InfoEdit

DromEd Object Model gasmine


  • 650 gold in T1/TG
  • 500 gold in T2

(not present in T3)

Attack: known only to deal damage to Fire Elementals


  • knocking out (without killing) almost all human and many inhuman characters
  • extinguishing torches, fireplaces, camp fires and any type of open fire-based lighting source if it is not too high
  • setting traps at key locations

Tactical InformationEdit

If the regular Mine is described as a static Fire Arrow, then these are the static equivalent of the Gas Arrow. Like other throwing items, the Gas Mines are thrown to the ground when used. When they touch the floor, they activate. After that it is all a matter of whether someone walks over them or close enough to trigger them. If a mine is triggered it explodes into a cloud of knock-out gas, which has the same properties as the Gas Arrow. Every character that is vulnerable to the gas will be immediately rendered unconscious after a single Gas Mine explodes near him, with the exception of Undead creatures, Air Mages, the Mechanist Frogman, and Tree Beasts. This allows Garrett to get rid of someone without dealing damage (especially humans on Expert Difficulty). The Gas Mines have the same tendency as regular Mines to slide when thrown to the ground, causing noise, making their good placement difficult. To overcome this try placing the mines from a more vertical angle, or drop them with default 'R'. In Thief 2 the mines can be picked back up, if approached carefully and one of the Lock Picks is used on them. This feature is not present in Thief 1 or Thief Gold; do not try it.

Gas Mines actually appear very rarely in the merchant shops and are mainly found while exploring the world. Their capabilities are enviable but their price is questionable. The idea is that a Gas Arrow is could be a better investment than a Gas Mine, but this is relative. If the mission is in a human populated area, then focus on gas equipment, with arrows as priority and mines as backup. If gold is scarce or the mission involves monster killing, buy only a Gas Arrow and spend money on other equipment.