DromEd Object Model trcrysta

A gemstone

The Gemstone, also called "Cloudstone", is a bluish grey crystal similar to an uncut diamond. It is both an uncommon item and at the same time small in size, often making it difficult to spot. A gemstone can vary in value, but it will always be gem loot. A very large cloudstone adorns the top of Lord Bafford's Scepter in T1.[1]

Most Common Value: 100 gems

Value Variations:

  • 35 gems (Break From Cragscleft Prison)
  • 50 gems (The Lost City)
  • 175 gems (Masks)
  • 200 gems (The Mage Towers)

Loot Type: Gems

Model Name: trcrysta


  1. M2ANTS

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