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The Gervaisius Estate was the large residence of Lord Bram Gervaisius and family estate of Clan Gervaisius[1] . Located on the outskirts of the City, it is said to be one of the finest in the city. [2]

The Building has 3 floors and an outside garden. When it was constructed, it appears a large amount of secret passages where put into it which give access to most of the house making it much easier for a thief to case the house out.

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Ground Floor

The Ground Floor has a large courtyard area at the front and back of the house, with the back leading to a small garden. There is an entrance from the Back directly into a large ballroom which forms a main focus of the propriety. The Front door leads into a open floyer with access to the Ball room, and two main hallways. The one side, the Servant area, Baths and Guard Barracks, on the other, the Chapel, a small office and workshop, as well as access to the ground floor of the Library.

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Second Floor

The second floor features the second floor of the Library, more offices, the Conservatory and bar area, with large balcony. The other side features a Dinning room, Trophy room and special elevator to the top floor. The upper section of the Ball room has a pair of storage rooms.

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Top Floor

The upper most floor is designed with a large number of exhibition rooms, a pair of large studies and rooms of Lord Gervaisius, as well as the terrarium.

With the rise of the Mechanist order, Gervaisius fell in with them, scaled down the outside gardens and replaced the Hammerite temple with a newer Mechanist one. This upset some members of staff and lead to at least one, Phyleas Crowell, quitting.[3]. He did, however, have indoor terrariums which he insisted were kept in top shape due to his infatuation with Lady Veloden.[4]

The Estate had a number of secret passages and a fair amount of mechanist security systems, which were upgraded for the exhibition[5]

For a while, After Assistant Librarian Ashton killed is Wife and Head Librarian Giles, the Library was haunted, something that the new Head Librarian was worried about.[6]

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