Basic InfoEdit

Giant Human Statue

The giant stone glyph statue is similar to their counterparts, only bigger. This colossal statue stands guard within the central courtyard of Gamall's Lair, opposite a very tempting piece of loot that is virtually impossible to obtain without gaining his attention.


Prior to obtaining the Glyph of Unbinding - A stone statue should be avoided if possible, as most weapons are ineffective at damaging them, and those that are able to harm them may require many hits, as the statues have a large amount of hit points. Despite his intimidating size, the giant statue is no stronger than the others.

  • Fire Arrows – two direct hits are required
  • Explosive Mines – one is sufficient if detonated directly under the statue
  • Moss Arrows - can drastically reduce a statue's speed, but are not entirely reliable

After obtaining the Glyph of Unbinding - the giant stone statue can be taken out with a single stealthy hit with the Blackjack to the back, causing the statue to stumble and roar in agony before finally falling apart - however doing this can be considerably difficult, as the courtyard is brighter than it seems and this statue stands in a niche when not on patrol. With careful maneuvering when alerted he can be destroyed with 4-8 strikes. An easy method is to gain his attention and allow him to follow you to the edge of the ditch that encircles his area of the courtyard, there with careful strikes you can destroy him without ever risking being touched.

A bug, or perhaps design flaw, is that when Garrett crouches, he is below the attack height of the giant. This is not reliable however, as the flaw does not work with the normal size golems.