D. M. Gilver's Office

Gilver Exporting Company was an exporting company run by D. M. Gilver, one of the City's most popular merchants. Its base of operations was located in bay #7933 of Rampone Dockside Shipping Building A in the Wayside Docks district.


Though business had previously been good, it had recently taken a turn for the worse due to a number of business deals that fell through. Though unbeknownst to Gilver, one of the major reasons for his losses was Captain Davidson and Captain Carr, who had been plundering several of the merchant vessels sent out by Gilver. Profit was so low that Gilver was forced to take out a bank loan to cover the previous month's losses, and the workers, earning very little, were not motivated to work hard. A new shipment to Governor Horridge to replace the one lost the previous month was the last hope for Gilver, but Garrett replaced the shipping label from Horridge to Manny Jabrielle.

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