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Golden Bones
Golden bones set
Special Item
unknown or none
scattered around the Southern end of the Halls of Echoing Repose
Original Owner
an unknown Hammerite

Nothing is actually known about the Golden Bones or their origin. They are associated with an elaborately decorated Hammerite tomb in the SE corner of the Halls of Echoing Repose (next to the Mystic's Soul entrance). The chamber has a shining hammer-shaped hole in its ceiling which illuminates the upper floor. Below this is an empty coffin. It is possible that these bones are only plated or gilded with gold leaf. This would explain why they can float on water and why Garrett refuses to keep them as loot.

Specific LocationsEdit

  • One leg is on the floor just East of the central stairwell (see image).
  • One arm is in the Zombie-filled chamber to the NE (see image).
  • One arm is (somehow) floating in the flooded base of a booby-trapped room (see image).
  • The skull and one leg are in the lower section of the Hammerite tomb (see image).

When the full set is collected and placed in the golden coffin in the special chamber, it will reward the adventurer with 8 water arrows, 4 fire arrows, and 1 vial of holy water.


In the T2 mission "Blackmail", a Golden Skull worth 100 gold can be found in the Haunt infested tomb below the Hammerite chapel, although it does not appear to have any affiliation.

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