Gruliac "The Great"
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Also known as
Gruliac the beautiful, Gruliac the strong, Gruliac the mighty
First Introduced

Gruliac was the first recorded king of the Kurshok empire. He was favored by the Leaf Lord, who granted him the Kurshok Crown as a symbol of his divine right.

Upon receiving the Crown, Gruliac offended the Leaf Lord by declaring himself to be greater than he. As a result, the entire Kurshok civilization was cast underground in the cataclysmic event known as The Great Fall. Gruliac managed to survive without relinquishing the Crown, but lost his hand in the process.[1]

Gruliac led the remaining Kurshok in an effort to restore the Sunken Citadel and find an escape route, but these tasks were abandoned after his death.[2] His spawn, Grustam, continued to search for a way out, but failed.[3]

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